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Depriving the Third World Nations of Spirituality

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Friday Prayer Sermon 11: (December 14, 1984)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his descendants, the infallible Imams. I take refuge with Allah (SWT) from the accursed Shaytan.
"O you men! surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may know (deal respectfully with) one another; surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious, God fearing; surely Allah is Knowing Aware." (49:13)
O servants of Allah! I recommend you to observe taqwa and fear Allah.
In the previous khutab, (sermons), the discussion has been focussed on the social justice regarding various races and the oppression of the West on non-white races. The last part covered under this discussion was that to consolidate their own domination, the Westerners started an ugly and oppressive onslaught against the spiritual values and culture of non-white races. And this attack is continuing even now. Plundering of the spiritual resources and values of the world people other than those of the Europeans is of the worst types of arrogance, colonization, and exploitation.
One must comprehend in this regard and find a solution, because the roots of financial supremacy and political domination will be made firm in case they succeed in ending the spiritual values of the communities, an act which they have unfortunately been able to do. To reach salvation stage, we must, in the first place, strive for the restoration of the spiritual values of the oppressed communities, because other matters can be solved. In the previous khutbah, I have pointed out that to implement this conspiracy, the arrogant powers have started the work from centuries back and have employed various techniques to achieve their objectives.
A part of the spiritual aspects relates to ethical and humanitarian matters, while the other part is related to educational and technical knowledge, as well as to things which can also lead to financial and materialistic perfections.
In the first part in which I have discussed the issue of spirituality, I have mentioned that one of the important acts of the colonizers was to attack the beliefs of the world, excluding Europe, and especially the world of Islam because Islamic beliefs are effective against them. In this connection, they went so far as to fabricate religions. Creation of sects such as Bahaism, Shaykhi (the predecessor of the Babi sect), and the like and training them to work against the world of Islam, and also the false claims of rise of Al-Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (A) - the twelfth infallible Imam - all over the world of Islam are the branches of this evil tree.
After some time, the colonizers felt that by weakening the bases of doctrinal beliefs they have established a common point with the Marxists; that is, the Marxists do the same thing and their work is also based on making the people irreligious. When the Marxism reached its climax, the Westerners found that by weakening people's religious beliefs, there will be ample elbowroom for their rivals, i.e., the Marxists, to operate and that they themselves would make the people irreligious, while their rivals would turn the people into Marxists, and would gather all irreligious people to make them men of politics. Thus, this act created a dual danger for the Westerners, i.e., if they strengthen the spirituality of the world of Islam, Islam would become a threat, and if they weaken it Marxism will take Islam's place.
They, therefore, made plans for a particular form which is unsuccessful. This form consisted of undermining the very basic elements of spirituality and intellectual bases, but retaining its outward form. Examples of this form are like the praying and pilgrimage to Makkah of Muhammad Rida Shah; or pictures showing him in the state of ihram; or the pictures showing the praying of the murderous Saddam by the holy shrine of Al-Imam Al-Husayn (A) while the fact remains that not even one of Saddam's hair believes in Al-Imam Al-Husayn (A) or in Islam, and also the principles of the Bath Party are against Islam.
Other examples are showing persons such as Numeiri and his like as supporters of Islam, or even spread of Islam in some Asian countries because they believe that religion is a moral relationship between man and Allah (SWT) and that there will be no problem in achieving their ends. The outcome of this way of thinking is the appearance of Anwar As-Sadat in a film holding a tasbih (rosary for saying "Subhanallah, i.e. Glory be to Allah" or other dhikr in one hand and the string of his wife's dog in another, while his wife appears behind him without Islamic hijab.

Depriving the Third World Nations of Spirituality - The Serious Objective of the West
The Westerners want to propagate such a form of Islam, and they are impudently pursuing this objective. Surely, this is the developed form of the foolish plot of the Westerners; otherwise, much before this they would have acted against religion more speedily. When they brought Rida Khan to power in Iran, and Ataturk in Turkey, their objective was to destroy the very base of Islam. When during the initial days of the anti-Islamic movement these two agents were simultaneously installed in the most vital regions of the world of Islam, and in the strongholds of two former Islamic powers, i.e., the Safavid Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire, the people of that day, under those conditions, felt no need to stage demonstrations like now, because they saw that the successors of those two dynasties were the agents such as Rida Khan and Ataturk. These demonstrations are called for now when they see Marxism as a threat for themselves.
Anyhow, the profound and serious plan of the West was to deprive the Third World nations of spiritual values and morality. And in the first place, their target was the world of Islam, as Islam was a very big threat for them.
In the previous khutbuh, (sermon), I have mentioned that women were used as one of the most important tools by the West, and this they had found out from scholastic, psychological, and sociological information. The most important lever, which they used all over the world and under all circumstances, was to corrupt the ladies and the women­folk in the backward societies. This was a strange calamity which they brought on the world except for Europe. The reason why I am continuing this discussion is that during this period our friends have sent new data and information from Europe, something which is worth mentioning, and that there have been intellectual reactions towards it over telephone and by way of letters. And I felt that more elaboration is needed in this regard.
Some people who are interested in prosperity, yet suffering with the error, say that the corruption which leads us to affliction also exists in Europe itself, and that these statements are out of place. They mention that you say that family relations are unstable here. If this is the case, why do the Europeans make all these efforts, while their family relations are really stable? They also say that sexual issues are now by no means regarded as a problem in Europe, and that you are the one who is frightening us. This type of thinking is there among the so-called thinkers, the Westernized people, and those who stand against the Hizbullah. Surely, not all of them firmly believe that they are engaged in sabotage. A great many of them fancy that we are wrong, and that their prosperity lies in whatever they believe in. When such people see things on the surface, when they see the shops of Europe and the United States full of goods, and when they see that the streets, houses, parks, and buses are neat and clean, and that all organizations and systems are working well, they think that the European and American families and societies are stable.
Our people who travel to the West are not informed of the inherent reality of that community. Such people go to the hotels and shops and have connections with some limited number of people there, or they see he signs of corruption in the cabarets and on the sea-beaches, but they do not see anything else behind these matters. The Westerners too, do not intend to expose their inner life. I believe that if the Western society did not have these firm organizations o preclude any outburst, and if its situation was like ours, their society would be utterly disintegrated, and Allah (SWT) knows what misfortune would befall its people. Now I am going to elaborate a part of it.
I have recently received from West Germany three copies of Der Spiegel one issue is dated December 26, 1983; the second issue is dated the middle or end of May 1984, and the third issue is dated July 1984. In one of these magazines; a report has been published about the family conditions in Europe and America, and it sounds a note of warning. In this magazine, obscene matters and pictures have been published, which cannot be pointed out here. I will only point to a part of it, so that the Westernized people and those who think there is no corruption lurking behind the superficial visage of the Western world may understand these issues.

A Glimpse at Western World Disasters
Two issues of the afore-cited magazine deal with inner family relations in terms of the conditions of children, and one issue deals with the conditions of women, who have run away from their families due to corruption or sufferings arising out of the family environment, and who have become entrapped in women shelters in West Germany. The statistics presented in these issues are really horrible. Regarding the conditions of children, Der Spiegel has made analyses and reached the conclusion that sexual relations and sexual morality have been on such a decline in the Western societies, America, Europe, and its satellites, that the search for a variety of sexual satisfactions on the part of the pleasure-seekers and on the part of those, who do not have enough money to benefit from the sources of pleasure for themselves, has led them to satisfy themselves by sexually manipulating their own children. The worst victims of this abominable sex activity in the Western world are the small children of the families of the Europeans themselves. The statistics which I will present are drawn out from Der Spiegel and show just a small fraction of the disasters in the Western world. With regard to the situation of children in America, this magazine writes the following:
"In every two minutes, one child is raped. Each day, 720 small children - mostly small girls - are subjected to this intolerable oppression through this corrupt channel."
The Newsweek, which is an American magazine, has put the figure as twice (this number) and has reported that 500,000 children are annually raped in America. The magazine cites an example noting that in ten years, some 125 two-year old kids have been raped by their instructors and teachers in a small kindergarten in California.
Now do we think that these people constitute a comfortable society? What I have pointed out has been extracted from Der Spiegel, No. 52, dated December 26, 1983 about America.

Statistics on the Increase in Corruption in the Families of West Germany
When a research was conducted at Rheinland-pfalz, West Ger­many about a group of children, it became evident that 36. 8 % of rapes took place by family members - out of which 10% cases were by the fathers, 6.9 % by the step-fathers, 6.9 % by the mothers' boyfriends, 1.5 % by the grandfathers, these old bears, 3.8 % by family friends, 4.6 % by uncles and friends of this sort - 36.1 % by acquaintances such as teachers, neighbours, caretakers, and the like. This is the state of the European families. Now when we tell some of our ladies to tighten their head-scarves a little, they think civilization is what they are doing. This `civilization' is what has been mentioned. Even when you go to Europe, you do not read these pages of Der Spiegel. If at all you read these, you do so to find the advertisements on cabarets, cafes, dances, and dancing clubs, etc. If you want to read these things, it is on these very pages that such information is also available.
Than magazine cites that numerous children from such families deliberately engage in rape, theft, etc. so as to be consequently imprisoned and be relieved of the home atmosphere and of the evil of such people. The magazine provides a great deal of statistics proving that this is how such people are. It has pointed out that every morning, a small girl used to go to school two or three hours before the school time, and stand in front of the closed doors of the school and used to shiver with cold.
Even her clothes had not been ironed. They were astonished. When they made investigations, they found that as her mother went to work before her father, the girl could not remain at home as she feared the criminal act of her father, and slept at night with her school clothes on, and hence her dress was not ironed. This has been published in Der Spiegel and the magazine has expressed an alarm for the German families. This part of information which I have mentioned about West Germany has been extracted from Der Spiegel No. 29, published on July 16, 1984, i.e. , only a few months ago.
The 20th issue of this magazine, published on May 14, 1984 points out that, in America, of the 521 families in Boston subjected to census last year, about 50 families told that at least one of their children has been raped during childhood. Of the 500 families some 250 informed that they know of the children in the family who had been raped. 37 % of these children were below the age of six. Just see what beasts that exist in the world. How bestial they are! What has become of them! They are pigs and bears! What do you understand from these types of people? 15 % of them said one of the parents of the family has had such a situation in childhood. Questions were posed as to the causes of this situation. They mostly put emphasis on alcohol, sexy films, videos and films they saw at home with videos. One of these, who is a member of the family of a worker, has this to say as an explanation: "When I watch a video tape at home for two hours and have no means to satisfy myself, I indulge in these matters:" This is the type of life in Europe and America, which are regarded as the paradise on the earth by our Westernized people.
This is their own situation in regard to quality of their life. They have such a condition. This is the state of their families and the situation of their atmosphere. In spite of all these problems they still overlook and prefer to have the inflow of foreign exchange. They say let a Turk, Arab, African, or Indian worker, who drudges in French and English factories or their coal mines, and who receives few dollars, bring his money here, and spend one-half of it on these things, even if it is at the cost of the disintegration of their own families (i.e., the family of the Westerners). For them, the dollar, foreign exchange, money, and economy constitute the foundation of life and everything revokes round these factors. They have also set up organizations for themselves.

The Situation of Women in European Societies
The same issue of the magazine, which I have mentioned highlights that there are 3 million (first think about it in your mind as to how big this figure of `three million' is) women in West Germany who have been subjected to violence at home, and have fled from their husbands owing to their excesses. These women no longer have a place in their own families, and so they live in destitute women shelters. See how large this figure is. Now the number of those women, who have not taken refuge in these shelters, is even greater than this. Three million German women are now living in destitute women shelters, because at home they have been beaten by their husbands, and because their home atmosphere is not amicable. This is how the situation of their life has become. The same magazine reports that when Christmas comes, the volunteers for destitute women shelters suddenly increase by many times, because around Christmas time ethical behaviour of people undergoes a greater decline. This is the type of life of the European community, which some of you regard as their paradise.
So, if an Islamic Republic Guards Corps member tells you on the street to tighten the head-scarves a little, not to expose half of your hair, and not to show your chests to others, and to live like human beings a little, it works out to your advantage. He is not intruding upon your pleasures. He is not intruding upon your family life and halal (Islamically lawful) works. This is in fact a mercy for you, otherwise you are making a mistake. If you see that the world is -disagreeing with the Islamic Republic of Iran it is for this very reason only. If you observe that they mock at the hijab a little, it is for this reason only. They cannot afford to see that a revolution which is confronting with the colonizers consolidates the foundations of its nation-to such an extent that it has turned ineffective the nets which they had woven from the start' of Rida Khan's reign to the present day, and which they had thought would bring us up like themselves. We will try to restore the moral values. We will restore to the women their chastity and purity. We will keep firm the base of the families which mould the foundation of prosperity in the life of people. It is because of these that we have enemies. Of course, there are other reasons for their enmity as well, but presently I will talk about this matter. We must in any case, give special emphasis to taqwa as the Holy Qur'an says:
"..Surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious God-fearing…(49: 13)
For it is not just a verbal issue. The pious people never fall into this bottomless pit. The chaste people never indulge in these calamitous activities. If a pious woman does not understand these statements which I have made here, and even if she is unable to express the ill-effects of such evil-doings, her nature and inherent purity will, nevertheless, protect her from this horrible crime. We therefore, put stress on it and are compelled to constantly lay emphasis on practising taqwa.

The Causers of the Instigation of Wars All over the World
There are other signs in the West which belong to them. What could be the result of such living? The kid who has been subjected to so much agony and pressure during his childhood, and who has developed an inferiority complex is angry with the world around him. Even when he grows up, he is a dangerous element. Don't be surprised if I now tell you that the crimes the world over are committed by these criminals who, on the surface, adopt a calm and lovable visage, and who speak softly, and who lead the people to believe that they are angels who love the human beings so much. You saw what they did in India? It was not something insignificant. If one saw on television the flames of fire rising from the bodies of the Indians who had died in the gas leak incident of the American factory [1] he would pay heed to it. Even if a wolf saw this horrible scene, it would pay heed to it. The Americans are, however, presently trying to relieve those responsible for this disaster of their conviction. These elements are the same guardianless children who have been raised in such disturbed homes. With such mothers and such conditions of upbringing, they are left with no human sentiments.
They fan the flames of war all over the world, in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; the killings in Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand; the oppression committed in India; the crimes committed against the Muslims in Afghanistan; the crimes committed against the people of Eritrea and Sahara; the destructive war which they imposed on Iran through the Iraqis; and the war in Palestine which has continued for so many years. These are the ones who engage in great bloodshed. They are the root causers of all these miseries. They think they are doing good things, because their race is such and such a nature, and their leaven is of such and such a kind. They also do the same to the people's economy. These are the ones who want to devour the wealth of the Bangladeshis - who live in dire poverty - so that, for instance, their own football fields would be more green. Why have they become like this? Even wolves would not behave in such a manner.
The reason is that their family was like this. During the period of their childhood, they have been subjected to such matters and have developed an inferiority complex and frustration. They are such creatures. Of course, all of them are not so. In Europe right now there are honourable people at the universities, research centres and many other places, who are working hard and are not polluted by these evils. It is they, who along with others, save them a little from wrong-doing. If they were not there, who comprise a sizable past of Europe's population, and if such thinkers and men of intellect had not existed there, then their condition would have been extremely miserable. They have honourable people as well, but those who comprise the ruling class and have political and economic domination are of the type whose example I have cited. I end this part of the discussion but the next part which deals with spiritual issues, etc., requires another khutbah (sermon) which, Allah willing, I will deliver later.
[1] In the night of December 9,1984, an explosion occurred in the Union Carbide factory at Bhopal, India, which belonged to the multi-national companies. The explosion led to the leak of poisonous gases outside the factory. Due to this horrible event, thousands of the oppressed people of Bhopal, the capital of India's Madhya Pradesh State, where the factory was located, lost their lives. Some 200,000 people were affected in various ways such as blindness, vomiting, burns, etc. Furthermore, the experts are of the view that the side effects of this gas leak will remain for long for the living creatures and the plantations.

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