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Means of Domination of Colonialism

Hojjat al-Islam Hashmi Rafsanjani
Former President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Friday Prayer Sermon 20: (May 10, 1985)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and Allah's peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his descendants, the infallible Imams. I take refuge with Allah (SWT) from the accursed Shaytan.
"O you men! Surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes so that you may know (deal respect­fully with) one another; surely the most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious, God fearing..." (49:13)
According to our practice, we have been discussing Islam's social justice re regarding the various races. Allah (SWT) willing, today I will complete the final part of this discussion, which will include a reference to one of the dimensions of the oppressions of the white race, a summing up of the former discussions and an elucidation of a distinct instance of the oppression and discrimination, which the white race of the West presently commits in the world. Allah (SWT) willing, the series of discussions on this subject could be a reflection on the justice of Islam and the oppression of the opponents of Islam and of the schools of thought claiming to be right and true.
What we have discussed (the numerous kinds of oppressions the white race has brought on the yellow, red, and black races and other people over the last five hundred years) was a very pathetic account. The objective behind this was the domination of one race over the world. To fulfill this objective, they left no stone unturned. They carried out all possible acts of oppression leaving nothing undone which they could do.

Means of Domination of Colonialism
In terms of results, the red (Red Indian) race has almost reached decline and has no identity in the world. The black race has been turned into a half-living race. Despite the epical resistance they made all through these five hundred years, the black race has always been half alive. The yellow race, which had the most extensive tracts of land and the highest population, has always been kept backward, troubled and in the state of war, poverty, and deprivation. The countries in these regions have also had the same condition that you now see (of course, these are moving a little towards improvement). They carried out these affairs by way of spreading slavery, which was one of the aspects of my discussion. Another method was through official colonization by rendering a country, nation, or a government an official colony. They carried out numerous crimes by spreading the commonplace Western culture in place of independent, rich, and native cultures of the nations. By dispatching their mischief-makers, convicts, and exiled people to other parts of the world for establishment of sovereignty, they used these people as the representatives of the white race, which is a pathetic dimension of modern history. Another dimension was to bring to power the mischievous, incapable, and worthless people from among nations and countries in place of competent people, and to bring to power hirelings instead of independent and patriotic people. Typically, in governments under their influence, the incompetent used to reach power in this way. These subjects deserve separate full discussions on which I have discussed briefly.
A sad chapter related to the means of their domination was the signing of treaties and agreements. In the name of international treaties, they bore grudge against the people by seemingly legal yet actual deceitful methods. Then later they violated those treaties and did what they wanted. Another method they adopted was the attainment of political and economic privileges, which they used to extensively acquire all over the world. After getting these privileges, these were turned into companies and governments which were rivals with the local governments. I have also elaborated this. One of their very bad deeds and behaviours was related to the corrupting of people's morality; that is, they spread immorality and spoiled people's moral character, as I have mentioned, through making women corrupt, establishing the spirit of being unrestrained, and corrupting the moral virtues of other peoples, governments, and countries. This devastates the nations from within. I have also elaborated this part as to what affliction they have brought on the world people.
We had another discussion which dealt with the "pillage of national honours". They plundered historical vestiges, emptied the museums, and robbed the artistic vestiges of the nations so as to deprive them of their historical identity. This thinking is still being pursued.
The cultural invasion on the whole has been one of the most live facets of this period of domination'. They brought the cultures of all nations under the influence of the Western culture. And see what calamity this infiltration of the Western culture has brought about for the nations.
The last part which I have covered under this discussion was the imposition of the sovereignty of capital on the nations. Instead of implementing the virtuous, human, scientific, technical, and ethical rule, introducing taqwa and art, they pursued the dominance of capital which was an irreparable calamity which the nations suffered. There is another inauspicious aspect which I will briefly deal with today. Then I would like to explain two distinct points about the present conditions, so that the ladies and gentlemen would see what kind of people the Westerners are who claim to be the champions of human rights and who belittle whoever they do not like, on the charge of violation of human rights.

The Colonialistic Policy of Sowing Discord among the People
This facet deals with sowing discord among the people. Through intensive studies and ample information which they obtain on what they have in mind, they identify the sensitivities of the tribe or nation they have in view. Then they create differences among people in these sensitive subjects. By creating differences, they bar the unity and harmony of the people, lest they should one day stand against them, become a source of trouble for them, and confront them. The Arabs have expressed this aspect by a short sentence as the colonialistic principle, that we also have as a notorious proverb which says: "Divide and rule".
Truly, this has always been one of the solid foundations of the domination-seeking people in history, They created religious differ­ences wherever they found it necessary. The issue of Shi`ah and Sunni in the world of Islam has always been one of their pretexts. Allah (SWT) knows how much bloodshed they have made in the world over the past five hundred years by placing the Sunni against the Shi`ah, and Shi`ah against the Sunni. Whenever they found the time inopportune, they found a foolish person to write a book attacking, and thus instigating the other sect. Or they incited an orator to deliver an address, or they prompted an ignorant person to perform an evil deed. In short, by these acts, they revived the idea of the hostilities and grudges during the history of 1300 or 1400 years, and made the sects confront with one another. You have seen that the Iraq-Iran war, which was waged by a hireling of arrogance, viz the `Aflaqi (Saddam Husayn) as a part of colonialistic movement, was also accorded a Shi`ah-Sunni hue by them.
They identified the tribes in the name of Arab and non-Arab, Turk and Fars, Kurd and Turk and Fars and the like. They revive differences related to the claims of blood among tribes and thus instigate them and make them confront with one another. All through its history and especially from the time when the Westerners found a way into it, the Indian subcontinent has witnessed so much bloodshed due to these discriminations and differences that if these details are someday com­piled from the history, one would realize what a great number of deprived and oppressed people have been killed there. And this is still continuing. It is strange that nations are deceived so much.
Last month, they created a very inauspicious sedition in India's Gujarat State which has a colonialistic root. The Hindus attacked the Muslims and killed a large number of them and plundered their shops and houses. The issue was rooted in the fact that the Indian Government wanted to grant privileges to the Harijans who are, as they put it, the old untouchables and who are the most deprived people of India.
The other Hindu castes including the opulent, were opposed to this and confronted and fought with the Harijans. When they found that the Hindus were killing one another, they decided to relieve the Hindus of this sedition. They embarked on instigation and made the Hindus confront and fight with the Muslims. In a town such as "Ahmadabad" which has a 14% Muslim population, the majority of Hindus are massacring the Muslims and the Indian Government does not support the Muslims at all. I warn the Indian Government that it will not be in its interest to hurt the sentiments of one billion world Muslims under such circumstances by these colonialistic policies whose roots do not belong to India but rather belong to the British and other Westerners in India. I warn the Indian Muslims also to be careful. They should be united, and should not be instigated to act against one another.
Some months ago, we witnessed the events about the Sikhs and the Sikhs versus the Hindus. All through our history, these events have existed in relation to the Westerners. How many religions and movements they sponsored and created and bothered Muslims. At times, we see that, for instance, the Baha'is, who are endeared by the U.S. President himself and the U.S. senators, derive so much benefit from the Czarist Russia and Britain. Now it is the turn of the Americans to do such things. One day, they give rise to a movement in Pakistan, the Qadiyaniyyah movement; in the Arab world, the Wahhabi movement; in Iran, the Baha'i movement and the like. Allah (SWT) knows what sedition this means European white race has committed by playing with the sanctities, the mosques, the temples, and the people's religious sentiments and what a huge quantity of blood has been shed in this way.
If some day Allah (SWT) decides to bring to account these European rulers for their crimes, I do not know what punishment and torment would be meted oat to them to equal the oppressive actions they have committed. We Muslims understood these things a bit. But in Latin American countries and elsewhere, they at times compel the tribes to fight with one another for things such as a, cow, idol, stone, and whatever of the like that they worship. See what they do to the people in the worshipping places. This is the method of establishing differences among the religious beliefs of the people.
On the other hand, wherever they want to settle the religious differences, they do so. One of the most profound religious differences in the world is the differences between the Jews and the Christians. Once I read a book on the history of differences between the Jews and the Christians. You know that Christians regard the Jews as the murderers of Jesus Christ, and they consider this blood as something that cannot be pardoned. As a result, they could not reconcile. From the day the global arrogance decided to hurl the Muslims into such a state, it tries to quieten the sedition of fight between the Jews and the Christians, but it creates this sedition among the Muslims.
We see that it brings about a reconciliation between Israel and Lebanese Phalanges, but wants to make the Shi`ah and Sunni fight with each other in Lebanon and does so. The profound and infiltrating roots which they found, and the footsteps which they found in the powerful movements of the world, or in religions, or other matters have always been used as clues to create sedition. Why did the crusades occur in human history? These are among the instances of this policy. Of course, at that time the Europeans were themselves present in the field of the battle. This subject is beyond the scope of this discussion and requires a separate elaboration. Wher­ever there is no religion, they set forth the issue of parties, political groups, and other things which they know. This is the nature of the domination of the white race over the majority of the people of the world in the last five hundred years. It is not possible to mention these issues more briefl

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