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Dar-ul-Hadith Research Center

Affiliation: Dar-ul-Hadith foundation
Commencement: 22.8.1374 Hegira (1995)
Field of activities:
o Research in the science of Hadith (traditions) intended to defend Sunnah (tradition of holy prophet of Islam), and expurgation of Hadith.
o Explanation and dissemination of science of Hadith.
o Compilation of Hadith books.
o Training researchers in various fields of Hadith science.
Objectives: Research about "Hadith" in the school of Shiism
Data bank: Publications, private library of Hadith books, Theses on Hadith, manuscript pamphlets on Hadith, and web site (hadith.net), introducing researches done at the center
o "Hadith Sciences" quarterly
o Series of books on Hadith
o "Noor" diary on Hadith sciences
o Index of manuscript Hadith and Hadith Sciences related to Shi'a
Address: 10th St., 19 Dey Ave., Qom, IRAN (P.O.B 37185-4156)
Web Site:www.hadith.net

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