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The Institute of Religious Jurisprudence

Commencement: 1369 Hegira (1990)
Preface: Religious jurisprudence as practiced by Shi'a (Fiqh-e Khassa), inclusive of its special source and methods of inference of religious laws and the nobility of sources for such inference is the heritage of endeavors of thousands of Islamic jurisprudents, and today is capable of fulfilling all legal and legitimate needs of mankind. To prove this claim, we have to search for this great treasure just by using a cosmic eye and a correct perception and accurate understanding of Islam, and to fulfill different needs of today's mankind by Islamic Fiqh, with a realistic knowledge about the newly grown aspects of world's necessities. This has become the vanguard of a new movement, and will transform the Islamic Republic of Iran to a religious center to lead the Islamic world and shelter oppressed people all around the world.
To fulfill this important task, the management of Qom seminary is expected to draw forth talents of young religious scholars to respond newly emerged needs of global society. Also the honorable scholars and teachers at religious schools and seminaries are expected to demonstrate the capabilities of Shiism jurisprudence in handling raised questions about daily happenings in their classes.
The high ranking authorities are also expected to erect a new movement in the field of jurisprudence by establishing research centers for Shi'a Fiqh, and set out publications of different general or specialized magazines.
The magazine "Fiqh-e Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S.)" is determined to bless its pages with the science of the infallible Imams and to illustrate the new religious problems related to Fiqh by assistance of scholars and young students of seminaries.
Field of activities: Islamic Sciences & "Fiqh" (religious jurisprudence)
Objectives: Serving scientifically Islamic jurisprudents, scholars, researchers, and all those interested in Fiqh practiced by the followers of Ahl-ul-Bait (A.S.)
o Religious jurisprudence (Fiqh) encyclopedia of Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S.)
o Subjective index of "Fiqh-e-Jawahir"
o Directory for "Fiqh" books
o Glossary of "Fiqh" terms
o Islamic researches for responding to theological dubieties
o Specialty quarterlies in Persian & Arabic
o "Al-Minhaaj" quarterly in Arabic
a) Completed researches:
o Directory of "Jawahir-ul-Kalam" in 6 volumes
o Revised version of "Al-Qadir" collection, including accurate footnotes In 14 volumes
o Researches on theology and Fiqh in form of 140 titles of books, published in Qom & Beirut, mostly aired via Internet websites
o Informative site of Islamic Fiqh at website www.islamicfeqh.org including all research information of the institute, available in different languages
o Providing answers to religious dubieties and questions via Internet
o "Fiqh-e Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S.)" Quarterly in Persian & Arabic
o "Al-Minhaaj" magazine (published in Lebanon)
o The book "Min Fuqaha'ina" (Our religious jurisprudents), including detailed biographies of Shi'a great religious jurisprudents and their writings on "Fiqh"
o A bibliography of Islamic Works, translated from Persian to different languages on Internet Websites
b) Researches at final stages:
o 1st volume of "Religious jurisprudence (Fiqh) encyclopedia of Ahl-ul-Bait (A.S.)"
o 1st volume of the respectable book "Jawahir-ul- Kalam" titled as "Jawahir-ul-Kalam Fi Thawbih Al-Jadidah" (Jawahir-ul-Kalam in its new dress), for the best use of scholars, and students of seminaries
o Introduction and indexes for "Al-Qadir"
o Research, revision, and publication of "Fiqhs" of past Islamic Fuqaha (religious jurisprudents), such as "Jawahir-ul-Faraidh", "Al-Tuhfat-us-saniyyah Fi Sharh-il-nukhbat-il-Muhseniyyah", "Sharh-e Fara'idh-ul-Nasiriyyah", "Ad-duwrat-ul-bahiyyah Fi Ilm-il-Osool", etc.
o 1st copy of "Rahtoosheye Tahqiq" software for management and research controls for research centers
o CD of "Fiqh-e-Jawahir" glossary including special capabilities
c) Researches under process:
o Continuing researches for completion of other volumes of the "Religious jurisprudence (Fiqh) encyclopedia of Ahl-ul-Bait (A.S.)"
o Preparing directory for "Fiqh" books of "Sheikh Toosi"
o Preparing and editing the first Persian glossary for "Fiqh" terms
o Continuing researches for preparation of other volumes of "Jawahir-ul-Kalam Fi Thawbih Al- Jadidah"
o Research and revision of the great Islamic jurisprudent Fazil-Al-Isbahani's book titled as "Al-Manahij-us-sawiyyah Fi Sharh-il-rawdat-il- bahiyyah" and printing it in pamphlets
Services:Those who are interested in Islamic science and Fiqh all over the world can find most of the products of the institute at website www.islamicfeqh.org, or receive information through phone No. (0251)1744966 by giving the password and guest's name.
Addresses: Central Office: Enghelab Ave., Qom (Tel.(0251)739999 Fax.(0251)744962)
Informative management office:"The Institute of Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S.) Jurisprudence (Fiqh) Encyclopedia" - End of Chaharmardan Ave., Qom
Store:Al-Qadir bookstore, 5th floor, Qods Passage, Eram Ave., Qom
POB 37185/3796
Web Site:www.islamicfeqh.org

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