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Yasin Rayaneh(Yasin Computer)

Affiliation: YASIN research office
Commencement: 1376 Hegira (1997)
Field of activities:
o Islamic software: in the fields of the holy Koran, Hadith (Tradition), Shiism branches of science, and general culture
o Presentation of programs: via local or foreign exhibitions, via YASIN-RAYANEH distribution center, and via internet
o Side services: publication of books on computer, consultation in the field of software production
o Production and distribution of Islamic, cultural and scientific software
o Promulgation of Islamic rich science by the followers of the holy Quran and Ahl-ul-Bait (A.S.)
Data bank:
Software in the following fields:
o Islamic science: The holy Koran
o Islamic science: Supplications, and Elegies on martyrdom of Shi'a infallible Imams
o Islamic science: Religious jurisprudence, and Hadith (Tradition)
o Islamic science: History
o Scientific: Educational
o Scientific: Dictionaries
o Scientific: Encyclopedia
o Scientific: Atlases of Iran and the world
o Scientific: Applied science
o Cultural: Art
o Cultural: Literature
o Cultural: Hobbies
o Cultural: Lectures
o A collection of CDs on "Panj Tan" [Holy prophet of Islam (A.S.), Hazrat Fatimah Al-Zahra (A.S.), Imam Ali (A.S.), Imam Hassan (A.S.), and Imam Hossain (A.S.)
o Islamic software
o Publication of books on computer
Central office: No. 4, 1st floor, No.96, Corner of Somayye St., Iranshahr Ave., Tehran, IRAN
Qom office: 725, Safa'eeyeh Ave., Qom, IRAN (POB 37185-781)
Web Site:www.yasin-ri.com

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