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Baqir al-Ulum (A.S.) Research Centre

Managing director: Mahmoud Sharifi Aqdam.
Year of establishment: 1998
Associated to: The Islamic Propagation Organization.
Field of activity: Facilitating Islamic knowledge and sciences. Investigating and researching in the fields of History, Narrators of Tradition, and preparing preparing and compiling works on culture.
Selection of works:
A meeting with the Pious.
The narrators of light.
Green minarets
Jurisprudence and life.
A lexicon of Majma' al-Bayan.
The cities of the Pious.
The country of the Pious.
An encyclopedia of the sayings of Imam Hussain (a.s).
Women role models.
al-Hadi software.
Islamic Republic of Iran, Holy city of Qom, Astaneh square, The Islamic Propagation Organization.
p.o box: Qom 317185-135.
tel: 736878,740369.
fax: 740355.

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