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International Centre for Islamic Studies

The International Centre for Islamic Studies situated in the holy city of Qom(The City of Shi'ite Islamic Seminaries) has provided outstanding services for 17 years in the way of spreading the Islamic sciences. And we believe that this center has presented it by performing remarkable efforts . So far 2400 seminary students from 86 countries from 5 continents have graduated from this center.
The style and the ability to teach in this center is such that students after six months are able to attend Hawzah(Islamic Seminary) studies , and they are capable of reading different ordinary texts as well as they are able to write in Persian all these abilities are evident from the final thesis , which consists of different parts .
The most important point , which should be mentioned here , is the style of teaching , which is done without resorting to the students' own language Rather they're all taught in the Persian language , because there exists students from many different nations , for example : if there are 8 students in one class they are representing at least five different nations . Therefore , this center for the education uses no other grounds and starts the learning process in the Persian language . And so far it has been successful in its goal , which is quite evident from the reviewers' point of views .
Also this center has prepared lengthy and thorough software with the name of " Acquaintance with Persian language " , which is in the final stages to be available publicly . This software includes more than a thousand beautiful pictures of various types ., for learning the alphabets with their pronunciations , real and systematic numbers , colors , opposites , directions , seasons , references and educational literature , grammar of the Persian language in extensiveness . This software of Persian grammar is the biggest software of its like consisting 400 MB .
Beside this center has ; with the help of educational , social , and political programs for the students introduced them to the religion of Islam and the foundation of the Islamic revolution.
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