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A Brief Introduction of Qum's Islamic Seminary

Since long time the holy city of Qum is considered as the scientific and cultural centre of the Shi'ites in the world. The great marajah (jurisprudents) and Ulama regularly conduct classes at the advanced levels in different Islamic sciences in this holy city attended by thousands of Ulama and students of Islamic seminaries (tullab). They also carry out extensive research in various Islamic fields and many active Islamic seminaries have been functioning in this holy city.
The advancement of learning in this holy city was prophesied by the Holy Imams (A.S.) and in this regard Imam Jafar Sadiq (A.S) has said : " There will come a period when knowledge and wisdom will spread in the east and west of the world from Qum in a way that Qum will become a proof and example over all other cities and everybody on the earth will gain knowledge being spread from Qum and that will be the period of the advent and reappearance of the Proof of Allah and Qaim (Upholder) of our rights [Hadrat Imam Mahdi (A.S.)]
(Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 60, p. 213)
The scientific and religious activities commenced in the second century hijrah when the Ashari tribesmen settled in the city. The famous jurisprudent and traditionist(muhaddith), Abdullah bin Saad Ashari laid the foundations of Islamic learning in the city and great Ulama of the city like Ibrahim bin Hashim Qummi "Ibn Babwaih" and Zakariya bin Adam and Ahmad bin Ishaq Qummi (R.A.) and other companions of the Shia Imams (A.S.) further advanced Islamic learning in the city. Various Islamic sciences, literature and narration of ahadith progressed in this Shi'ite centre and the ahadith narrated by the traditionists in this city were approved by the Holy Shia Imams (A.S.). The Ulama of Qum were very strict in approving the historical and ahadith narrations and those persons narrating unauthentic ahadith were reprimanded and banished from the city.
With the presence of Ayatullah Mirza Qummi (R.A.) during the Qajar period it gained prominence. During the Safavid era the great philosopher and traditionist Mulla Sadra Shirazi, who founded the transcendental philosophy settled in "Kahakh" near Qum. The great philosopher and gnostic Fayd Kashani (R.A.) also settled in Qum and established the famous Faiziyah Islamic seminary near the holy shrine of Hadrat Fatima Masoumah (A.S.).
During the last phases of the Qajar period and the beginning of the Pahlavi rule, the holy city of Najaf became the prominent Islamic seminary in the Shi'ite world but with the migration of the leading jurisprudent late Ayatullah al-Uzma Haj Shaykh Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi (R.A.) to Qum in the year 1300 solar hijrah, the Islamic seminary in Qum once again progressed with the establishment of advanced courses in Islamic sciences.
Dar al-Shifa Islamic seminary was established beside the Madrasa Faiziyah. After the demise of late Haj Shaykh Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi (R.A.), late Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Khansari (R.A.) and late Ayatullah Sadr (R.A.) played an important role in the further advancement of the Islamic seminary in Qum. In the year 1322 solar hijrah Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Haj Agha Husayn Tabatabai Burujerdi settled in Qum and started delivering lectures in the Islamic seminaries in the advanced courses which attracted a large number of tullab to his classes. With the death of late Ayatullah al-Uzma Haj Sayyid Abul Hasan Isfahani (R.A.) in the holy city of Najaf (Iraq), Ayatullah al-Uzma Burujerdi emerged as the leading Marja Taqleed of the Shi'ites in the world. During the stay of Ayatullah al-Uzma Burujerdi in Qum the Islamic seminary achieved its unique position and progress.
After the death of Ayatullah al-Uzma Burujerdi, the Pahlavi regime implemented its schemes to weaken the Islamic seminary in Qum. Imam Khomeini (R.A.) during this crucial period stood up against the Pahlavi regime. The Ulama and the people of Qum under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) staged a historical uprising against the dictatorial Pahlavi regime in the month of June 1963. This uprising was brutally suppressed by the military and Imam Khomeini (R.A.) was exiled from Iran. But great jurisprudents like Ayatullah al-Uzma Gulpaigani (R.A.) and Ayatullah al-Uzma Araki, who were present in Qum guided the Islamic seminary.
The Islamic revolution in Iran achieved remarkable victory in the year 1979 under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (R.A.) but the Baathist regime in Iraq led by Saddam imposed a war against Islamic Republic of Iran and heavily suppressed all the activities of the Islamic seminaries in the holy city of Najaf (Iraq). Thousands of leading Ulama and Tullab were massacred in Najaf by Saddam's regime and many others fled from Najaf and took refuge in the holy city of Qum which has now emerged as the greatest centre of Islamic learning in the world. At present more than 60,000 Ulama including the leading Marajah Taqleed are residing in this holy city. The great Marajah and Ulama has transformed the Islamic seminary in Qum by strengthening the specialized fields in Islamic sciences. Many research centres in Islamic sciences have been established recently in the holy city of Qum and at present more than 50 different Islamic seminaries are functioning in the holy city to disseminate and propagate the teachings of Islam.
Global Centre for Islamic Sciences
After the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 thousands of tullab from all the corners of the world have come to the holy city of Qum to gain the knowledge of Islamic sciences. The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei has founded the Global Centre for Islamic Sciences in the holy city of Qum to coordinate the educational activities of the non-Iranian tullab. At present more than 10,000 non-Iranian tullab from 90 countries are studying in the Islamic seminaries in this holy city.
Jamia Az-Zahra (A.S.) [Az-Zahra (A.S.) Islamic University]
After the victory of the glorious Islamic revolution in Iran many Islamic seminaries have been established exclusively for women in the holy city of Qum. At present more than 15000 women are studying in different Islamic seminaries founded in Qum exclusively for women.
Beside many Islamic seminaries many leading Islamic research institutions and centres are working in the holy city of Qum. All these Islamic research centres in Qum have been established after the victory of the Islamic revolution and are carrying out intensive and advanced research in all the specialized fields of Islamic sciences under the guidance of the Paramount Leader of Islamic Revolution Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei.

Some of the Research and Educational Institutions in Qum

Nahjul Balagha Foundation
Shaheed Muhammad Montazari Boulevard
Corner of the Colony 34, H.No. 28
Telephone: 7742594

Baqir al-Ulum (A.S.) Research Centre.
Astane Square, Upper Floor
Hazrati Shopping Centre
Telephone: 7740369

Dar al-Hadith
19th Dey Avenue, Street No. 10
Telephone: 7701575

Islamic Seminary (Hawzah) and University Research Centre
Ameen Boulevard, Shaheed Saneh Khani Boulevard
Telephone: 2936043-5

Jamia al-Qur'an al-Kareem
Shuhada Avenue, Mumtaz Colony,
Second Track, H.No: 25
Telephone: 7739073

The Secretariat of the Religious Research Congress
Shuhada Avenue, Corner of the Colony 25,
Rizwan Building
Telephone: 7743925

Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) World Assembly
Fatemi Avenue, After the Colony 21,H.No: 41
Telephone: 7740771-3

Islamic Research Centre of Radio and Television
Ameen Boulevard
Telephone: 2933850

Islamic Sciences Computer Research Centre
Muallim Avenue

Global Centre for Islamic Sciences
Hujjatiyah Avenue,
Opposite Madrasa Hujjatiyah
Telephone: 7743289

Aalul Bayt Institute for the Revival of Heritage
Fatemi Avenue
Colony No: 9, H.No:1 & 3
Telephone: 7730001-5

Islamic Sciences Educational and Research Institute
Shaheed Montazari Avenue,
Colony 8,
Telephone : 7742010

Institute for the Compilation and Publication of the Works of Imam Khomeini (R.A.)
Shuhada Avenue,
Mumtaz Colony, H. No: 84

Ayatullah Najafi (R.A.) Library
Ayatullah Najafi (R.A.) Avenue
Telephone : 7749970

Ayatullah Khamenei Library
Saheli Avenue
Telephone: 7720760

The Library of Madrasa Ayatullah Gulpaigani (R.A.)
Ayatullah Najafi (R.A.) Avenue
Telephone: 7703076

Noor Cultural, Artistic and Sports Complex
Power Plant
Telephone: 8824615

Youth Culture House
Bajak End
Telephone: 6658865

Ishraq Gallery
Shuhada Avenue
Telephone: 7745270

Some of the Publishing Centres in Qum

Khakfaraj Avenue,
Al-Hadi Square, Beside Madrasa Al-Hadi
Telephone: 6611125

Shuhada Avenue Beginning,
Beginning of Colony 22,
Telephone : 7741744

Ayatullah Marashi Najafi (R.A.) Avenue,
Opposite Muhammadiyah Mosque
Telephone: 7740069

Islamic Publication Office
Ameen Boulevard,
Shaheed Sanih Khani Boulevard,
Telephone: 2933517

Saduq Avenue Beginning at 45 metres,
Beside Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S.) Clinic
Telephone: 2934500

Dar Rahe Haq Institute
Shuhada Square,
Ayatullah Marashi Najafi (R.A.) Avenue,
Colony 20, H.No: 6
Telephone : 7743223

The Holy Mosque of Shaheb uz-Zaman (A.S.)
Masjid Jamkaran
Telephone: 7727656

Marajah Taqleed Offices in Qum

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution
Shuhada Avenue
Telephone; 7474

Ayatullah Behjat
Ayatullah Marashi Najafi (R.A.) Avenue,
Guzar Khan
Telephone; 7743271

Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani
Bazaar Three Way
Telephone : 7717871

Ayatullah Tabrizi
Ark Colony
Telephone: 7744286

Ayatullah Waheed
Shuhada Avenue
Telephone: 7740611

Ayatullah Shubairi Zanjani
Shaheed Montazari Avenue
Telephone : 7740322

Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi
Shuhada Avenue
Telephone: 7743111

Ayatullah Safi Gulpaigani
Inqilab Avenue
Telephone: 7715511

Ayatullah Noori Hamadani
Shuhada Avenue
Bigdeli Colony
Telephone: 7741850

Ayatullah Seestani
Muallim Avenue
Telephone: 7741416

Islamic Seminary Centres

Administrative Council of Islamic Seminary, Qum
Hazrati Avenue, Madrasah Daral-Shifa
Tel.No: 7740284

Global Centre for Islamic Sciences
Hojjatiyah Avenue
Tel. No: 7743289

Society of the Faculty Members of Islamic Seminary, Qum
Muallim Avenue
Tel. No: 7740771-3

Islamic Propagation Office
Shuhada Square
Tel. No: 7730001

Al-Zahra University
Ameen Boulevard
Tel. No: 7741970-8

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