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Islamic Seminaries in Ray City

Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.)[For Men]
City of Ray was the centre of many Islamic Seminaries
and was considered as a scientific center.The presence of holy sites specially the holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) has given it more importance.
The Grand Marjah of Shi'ites Hadrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Behjat once told the seekers of Islamic sciences (Tullab) that ''You are beside the God's treasure and you all should know its value''.
The background of the present Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) in Ray city goes back to the first years of Islamic revolution when in 1980 Hadrat Imam Khomeini(R.A) ordered for the construction of a Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) adjoined to the holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) which accepted 70 Tullab(the seekers of Islamic sciences ) for the first academicyear .At present 1525 Tullab are studying in this Islamic Seminary.
The students' hostel of the Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) has the capacity for 400 Tullab.It provides all the educational and welfare facilities for the Tullab and is considered as one of the best student hostel in the country.
The campus building occupies an area of 11500 square meters and its total area is 18000 square meters. Islamic Seminary consists of 68 rooms in the dormitory section and 45 rooms in the three other buildings. The covered area of the library and the reading hall is 300 square meters each.

Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.)[For Women]
This Islamic seminary for women is situated beside the holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) next to the Islamic Seminary for men.It was built in 1992 and its management office is located in Qum.
This seminary is situated on a total area of 1500 square meters.
The open space occupies 140 square meters and the two prayer halls is situated on a area of 700 square meters and rest is excluded for the dormitory,administrative building,six classrooms and child care nursery.
At present 180 Islamic seminary women students are carrying out their studies in Islamic sciences under the guidance of 12 professors and lecturers.

Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) Burhaniyah
It is one of the ancient Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) beside holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) and was built during the Seljukian era.
Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) Burhaniyah was closed during the rule of Reza Khan Pahlavi. The old building was renovated in 1364 A.H. by Hojjat al-Islam Haj Shaykh Akbar Burhani on the orders of late Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Hujjat and the Grand Marja of the Shi'ites Ayatullah Uzma Sayyid Abul Hasan Isfahani and the reconstruction efforts was supported by Ayatullah Kashani.
The renovated Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) Burhaniyah was reopened after 2 years and in the inauguration ceremony renowned Ulama from Tehran and other cities such as Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Behbahani,Ayatullah Haj Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Amuli, Ayatullah Sayyid Habatuddin Shahrestani,the former Iraqi minister for Science and Higher Education and others, participated.
The late Hojjat al-Islam Haj Shaykh Akbar Burhani the principal of the seminary passed away in 1379 A.H. in Makkah and was buried in Jiddah's cemetery. Then, Shaykh Muhammad Reza Burujerdi, the founder of Sedokhtaran cemetery in Ray city began teaching children and young adults of Ray city.But in Reza Khan Pahlavi's era when Ulama were banned from wearing the official religious dress and all the Islamic seminaries were closed on government orders this Islamic seminary was also closed.The government changed the name of this seminary to Taheriyah school in which only modern education was imparted.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution the management and the custodianship of this seminary was given to late Haj Rafiei.From the end of 1989 till 1991 Haj Tajabadi became the principal of the seminary.
In 1991 the old school building was demolished to be rebuilt and the Islamic seminary students were transferred to Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) to continue their studies.
The new building of Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) Burhaniyah
with an area of about 5000 square meters was inaugurated in the year 2003.

Registration for the Beginners in the Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah):
Terms and Conditions:
Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.)[For Men]
1-High school diploma with an average over 14 is required.
2-To pass the entrance examination conducted by the Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Qum.
3-To pass the interview for the selection.
4-Maximum age limit is 23 years old.
Islamic Seminary(Hawzah Ilmiyah) of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.)[For Women]
1-High school diploma is required.
2-Age limit,maximum 20 years for the unmarried and 23 years for the married ones
3-Passing the entrance examination.
4- To pass the interview for the selection.
It is worth saying that there is special exemption in age limitation which consists of:
1-For the honorable family members of the martyred, two years will be added to the maximum age.
2-Certificate higher than High school diploma, for each certificate two years will be added to the maximum age.
3-Those who have memorized the Holy Qur'an and Nahjul-Balaqha, one month will be added to the maximum age for each chapter memorized.

Astronomy Center in Ray City
The College of Hadith Sciences in Ray is one of the well equipped research and educational center in Tehran. The building of the Astronomy Center of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) holy shrine designed and constructed by Iranian specialists and experts occupies an area of 250 square meters. This center consists of two observatories,specialty library for astronomy,photography laboratory,calender center,computer site,audio-visual units and the planetarium.It was inaugurated on the occasion of 100th birthday anniversary of Imam Khomeini(R.A.) on Shahrivar 22, 1378 solar hijrah by the honourable president of Islamic Republic of Iran,Hojjat al-Islam Sayyid Muhammad Khatami.

Abdul Rahman Razi Observatory:
Abdul Rahman Razi one of the famous scientist and astronomer in Iran and the world and named Zufi in NASA's glossary was born in 282 A.H. in Shahr i-Ray.He sucessfully
observed many celestial bodies without a telescope.He was the first scientist who discovered the Andro meda galaxy and registered this discovery under his name. He also estimated the meridian of Shiraz,initiated the science of photometry in stars,made a model of celestial globe indicating the precise positions of the celestial bodies(which is located in Cairo's museum) are some of his scientific activities.He also wrote book''Suwar al- Kavakeb''.Some of the meteor mouths in the moon located in the southern circle of 22 degre and meridian of 13 degree are registered in his name.
Abdul Rahman Razi passed away in Shiraz in 365A.H.and was buried in the same city.The observatory of the holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.)is named after him to appreciate his high scientific rank. This observatory has a circulating dome with a diamenter of 4 meters and one meter door on the roof which can be opened.It is equipped with a refractional telescope (celestronr ED 7-180) with a focus distance of 1000 mm and the object lense with a diameter of 180 mm.This telescope has a magnifying power of 30 to 500(with the help of Barlo lense) and is equipped with a special compact computer(NG-Max)and a pedal (movement control device) with which the observation of the celestial bodies is possible. This telescope is also eqipped with a CCD (computer detector) of ST 8 connecting the telescope to a computer with which the electronic graph of the celestial bodies can be registered and analyzed on the computer.

Observatory of Abu Mahmud Khojand Razi:
Abu Mahmud Khizr Khojand Razi was one of great scientist in the fourth century hijrah.He was scientific genius of his era in mathematics,astronomy,astrolabe techniques and astronomical instruments.He lived during the rule of Azd al-Dawlah Daylami in Ray and erected the hexagonal observatory known as Sods i-Fakhri in the name of Fakhr al-Dawlah Daylami. Some of his works has accurately measured the sun's deviation in 373 A.H. and his manufactured horizantal ring is the basis of theodolite device to measure the altitute.
This observatory is situated near the holy shrine consist of a hexagonal room and a dome with a diameter of 6 meters and the antique observation instruments such as mural quarant previously used to measure the sun's altitute,noon prayer time and different seasons and Ptolemy's rule triquetrum used to measure the altitute of celestial bodies(moon,stars,planets) from the horizon.
This center is also equipped with a specialized library in astronomy with more than 1000 volumes in Persian,English and Arabic is the only specialized library in astronomy in Iran. The research journals on astronomy entitled ''Telescope'' and "Sky and Astronomy" are published monthly for students,researchers and the public.

Photography laboratory:
This particular photography laboratory develops and prints color and black & white photos of celestial bodies by the telescope with the help of needed equipments.The photos such as viewing of the crescent,solar and lunar eclipse and images of the moon and other solar system planets and the nebulas(star-clouds) have been displayed at various exhibitions.

Calender Study Workshop:
In this workshop the students and researchers learn the knowledge of calenders and history of initiation of solar,lunar and Christian calenders.

Educational Activity:
The astronomy center of the holy shrine officially began its educational activity in the year 2000.The students of the College for Hadith Sciences and other students and scholars are imparted different courses like fundamental astronomy,spherical astronomy calculation astronomy,astronomical photography geology and meteorology under supervision of scientists in astronomy.After completion of these courses special certificates are issued to the graduated students.
This center, has manufactured astronomical instrument ''Solar Adhan Call'' and instruments like GPS,planetarium,theodolite,binoculars,telescope,CCD(computer detector), radio and spherical telescope are provided to the interested people.

Observatory Activities and Seminars on Astronomy:
The students in addition to attending the theoretical courses also undergo the practical aspects of astronomy in nightly observation programs and crescent viewing. Different seminars and workshops are conducted regularly regarding astronomy and its related events attended by the leading experts and professors of the country.

Interested public can visit the planetarium and register their visit to the center by telephone call number:0098-21-5658286 or refer to the center located in the southern side of the holy shrine.The university students and graduates can visit the center after coordination with public relation department of the holy shrine.

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