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The College of Hadith Sciences,Ray City

The College of Hadith Sciences, is one of the non-governmental non-profit making higher education institute which began its academic activity in 1999.It is officially recognized by Supreme Cultural Council aiming at realizing the unity between the Islamic seminaries and universities and its goals are as follows:
1)Teachers training and training experts in Hadith Sciences for the academic centers.
2)Training researchers and experts in the field of Islamic studies and Hadith Sciences.
3)Training missionaries for propagation within the country and abroad and meeting the demands of cultural houses of the Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign countries.
4)Attracting the researchers in the field of Hadith Sciences and meeting the demands of Islamic centers abroad.
5)Creating facilities to promote cultural-scientific levels in the government organizations and non-governmental institutions in the different Islamic fields and training them for advanced studies to become experts in Hadith Sciences, Islamic missionary and researchers.

Programs and Regulations:
All the programs and plans and its subsidiary resources are approved by the Supreme Planning Council of the Science, Research and Technology Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The extension of the courses presented in this college at the master and doctoral levels are being followed up by the college authorities.
Entrance in the college is through national entrance examination and approved bachelor degree (B.A.) shall be awarded to the graduated students.

Academic Units:
The number of the academic units in B.A degree course are 135, common material, 12 units(Persian language, physical education, general Islamic education, study of Islamic revolution and its roots),fundamental materials carries 70 units(moral science ,history of Islam, biography of Fourteen Masumeen(A.S.),Islamic ideology, exegesis (tafseer) of the Holy Qur'an, grammer and syntax, reading and comprehension of Hadith, exegesis of the Islamic law texts, Qira'at(recitation)and Tajweed (phonology) and eloquence of the Holy Qur'an and Arabic conversation. etc.
Specialty Materials 53 units:writing and editing the hadith,knowing Muhaditheen(narrators), first knowledge of Ilm i-Rijal and Fiqh-ul-Hadith.

Educational and Research Facilities:
The college building occupies an area of more than 20000 square meters and is situated next to the holy shrine of Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.).It contains sixteen 50 persons classrooms and six 70 person classrooms,two 120 person meeting halls,a computer center and a language laboratory,a specialized library for hadith sciences with 25000 volumes of books,exclusive study rooms for men and women,an information and internet center,an astronomy center.

Cultural and Welfare Facilities:
Education in this college is provided free of charge and the students avail facilities like hostel,heath care,dining hall, sports complex which includes a swimming pool,sauna bath,body building club.

Entrance Proceedure:
All the students are selected after passing the national entrance examination.The students passing the national entrance examination are selected through interviews.

Contact Information:
The College of Hadith Sciences
Hadrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) Holy Shrine
P.O. Box: 18735-477
City of Ray
Tehran Province
Telephone No: 0098-21-5659524-6;
Fax No : 0098-21-5659385

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