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The Savage Western Civilization

By: Dr. Muhammad Rajab Al-Bioumy, Egypt
The industrial progress in Europe has been a source of admiration in the eyes of those who can be easily deceived by superficial matters. They believe that machines are the evident proof and sign of human sublimity in Europe. Unfortunately, a group of the Arab writers have hurried to praise the civilization and superiority of the West, and showed their sorrow for the deterioration and subordination of the East. In case any wise person might express his/her opinion regarding the cruelty of imperialism and its ruthlessness, such writers would stand and make up some false excuses to prove that the West possesses a civilizational and cultural message offered to the less advanced nations so that they may seek light from it.
I read an astonishing, strange piece of news which took me a very long time to think about its indication, but I could not find any but a shameful disgrace. That news read "Europe gets rid of one million ton of fruits and vegetables on the World Food Day to keep high prices." The manifest reason behind that strange behavior is that Europe wants to gain much more money as a result of less goods and high demand. That process of getting rid of such foods cost 250 million marks in that year. What should we say about a people who claim to be leading nations toward prosperous civilization and modernity while they get rid of an amount of foods worth 250 million marks regardless of the starvations from which countries in Asia and Africa suffer! They have not thought about offering help to these countries, but they even rejoice to hear about the spread of starvations, as this will result in high increasing demand for their goods. More strangely, that news, unfortunately, was issued in the German newspapers, and was read and approved of by a nation that claimed superiority over other nations and believed its race to be the most honorable of races. Ironically, that nation was driven by its arrogance to two world wars, the first of which destroyed about eight million people while the second destroyed nearly thirteen million people, not to mention the resulted mass destruction.

The Crystal Clear Reason
The most apparent reason regarding the degradation of the Western civilization is that it pays no attention to the spirit of human participation and sharing, and that it sees the world as a forest where survival is for the strongest. On the other side, the Muslim cannot say that his/her race is the most honorable among the other races because his/her religion enlightens his/her right so that he/she sees that other's rights are more inviolable than his/her own rights. Moreover, among the favors and blessings of the Qur'an is that it is recited day and night and that its ideal texts call the hearts of the Muslims to obey them. Among such unique, guiding texts of relevance is Allah's verse in which He says:
﴾O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted.﴿
[Al-Hujurat (The Apartments): 13]
"Get mutually acquainted" implies interconnection and kindness. Hence, the human ties must be strong so that they can relate people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, toward each other. In another position, Allah, Glorified be He, says:
﴾Say to the ones who have believed, that they forgive the ones who do not hope for the Days of Allah, that He may recompense a people for what they used to earn.﴿
[Al-Jathiyah (Kneeling): 14]
Here, the Qur'an calls for forbearance and forgiveness for those who do not ‘hope for the days of Allah’ among the non-Muslims. In another Qur'anic verse, Allah, the Ever-Merciful, says:
﴾Allah does not forbid you, (as regards) the ones who have not fought you on account of the religion, and have not driven you out of your homes that you should be benign to them, and be equitable towards them; surely Allah loves the equitable ones.﴿
[Al-Mumtahanah (The Woman Tested): 8]
With these, in addition to many other verses, Islam calls its adherents to a life encompassing all humanity, and calls the rich to help and support the poor. Contrarily, we still hear that America throws thousands of tons of wheat in the sea, so that its price may not be affected. What a painful contrast!

A Dialogue between Two Writers
We have come to know the claimed humanity of Europe. Despite all incidents and occasions that negate such humanity, we found some of the famous writers boasting of that claimed humanity and call the other nations to pursue it. Moreover, we find among those writers who violently oppose those who accuse the Westerners of materialism and greed.
In this regard, Dr. Ahmed Amin, a well-known writer, wrote an objective opinion about the Western civilization and modernity. He truthfully said, "We see that the result of the Western civilization is people's worry and confusion as well as bad conditions of life. That is, its result can be seen in guns, sophisticated weapons and nuclear bombs. If we are to compare between the civilization of Islam, whose result is peace and tranquility, and the Western civilization, whose result is terror, we shall definitely choose the first. Logically, every civilization has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the Western civilization is that it builds life on science, and among its fatal disadvantages is that it is void of humanity."
The second writer, Dr. Zaki Naguib, opposing Dr. Amin, wrote, "Is it true that the Western civilization is void of humanity?! Is it not the civilization under whose umbrella no one dares to harm a cat or a dog?"
The opinion of Dr. Zaki Naguib can be answered by the painful reality. In other words, the Western civilization that guards the life of cats and dogs – according to him – is the same civilization that strikes cities and villages with atomic bombs and destroys millions of souls in one moment.

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