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The Tragic Anniversary of the Criminal Destruction of the Blessed Cemetery of Baqie in Madinah

8th of Shawwal was the tragic anniversary of the criminal destruction of the blessed Cemetery of Baqie in Madinah by the Wahhabi vandals. It was a blow aimed at the heart of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) since the Sacred Cemetery housed the mausoleum of four of the 12 infallible successors of the Prophetís Household, in addition to several other members of his noble family, his wives and companions. The Muslim World is waiting to see the rebuilding of Baqie and each year commemorates this tragedy through rallies, seminaries, articles and poems, for finding a speedy resolve to this chronic question).

Blessed Baqie
By: Dr. Hasan Najafi
Ah, the disdain! Why? What a pox ...!
Are they men or senseless stones and blocks?
This is a truth why not to tell?
The foes of the Prophetís House rent their souls to hell.
Envied at the splendour they brought the ruin,
Lo, arises splendour much more magnificent from the ruin.
See the sick heart and the malicious vicious mind!
They know not the real pomp of the House where to find.
The long fallen tombs sought the skies,
From the dust of the graves hearts learn to rise.
Bricks of gold in the fallen tomb the tribute gave;
Is it much? See the pilgrims, see each their slave.
Mind, O, narrow mind! The wreck to human race is a pride
Wealth of souls is in that wreck, in constancy supplied.
Their malice, rancour and rankling revenge beguiled Ð
The sports of kids satisfy a child.
From these graves an unknown power raise the soul to flame
Catch every nerve and vertebrate through the frame,
The destroyers are burning in their dark domain.
While these seemingly plain graves continue to reign.
See the glory of this dust, a wondrous power
In ecstasy dance and the ecstasy in me in noontide hour.
One sees the truth at these graves with closed eyes,
And trace the enemies from the hatred that lies.
I see new words beyond each grave
Now I trace the buried ones, how they were brave.
Long ago devastation begun
And years back the destruction done.
Sight the insight pursues.
The destruction continues.
Each grave has a tale to tell
The graves on enemy are a fell. (1)
The Imams who are buried there:
Hasan, Zain al-Abedin, Sadeq, and Baqer.
See the graves a mass of dust is in a woe
A sight enough to make the sorrow grow.
Tyrant is a helpless man in ignorance sedate
Roll darkling down the torrent of fate.
See a tyrantís fall, betrayed, despised, distressed.
And his neglected grave proclaims the rest.
But here the graves destroyed to be neglected
But the pilgrims made the graves respected.
The destroyed graves brought tyrantís down
Themselves gained renown till the centuries to come.
The Prophetís progeny they are and the Prophetsí heirs
In the winds their names, at their blessings blow the airs.
Death here is a kind natureís signal of retreat,
For souls this dust in this BAQIE is a happier seat.
The BAQIE, a sense of sacred presence fires
And a devotion to the House of the Prophet aspires.
Oí Graves! Impart your fervour for a healthful mind
Obedient passions, and a will resigned.
Pressed by the load of life a weary mind
Knocks the door at these graves and the glory pats his hind.
The pilgrims reflected through their love in tears
Are here having waited years and years.
What they wish beyond the grave
Each one wishes world out of their dust to have,
Yes, you destroyed the graves; to what an end?
In fact you made the graves for pilgrims an errand.
Even now the destruction is begun
And a new devastation is in hidling to happen. (4)
Your mortal eye canít see farther Ð
A tomb, or minarets, or gold or the silver;
Secure not nor procure honour.
Each one of the Dwellers of the House
Is hike a rose
Makes a desert a garden if to it close.
They need no gold no tomb
Awe and respect they womb
The particles of dust comb
Glory from the earth to grow
And whatever destroyed, to it angels bow.
Enough their names, their graves are entities great
They called pilgrims because a matter of fate
In this ruin is our heavenís gate.
The End
1- Fell= test, trial.
2- Hidlings= in hiding, in secret

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