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The Evils of Backbiting

It is natural for us to look for mistakes and faults in others in order to make ourselves feel better and powerful. Many people may not realize that backbiting is a sin. It is related that the Prophet said: Backbiting means that you say about your brother something which pains him.
Before speaking ill of others ask yourselves these two questions:
"Would I want someone revealing my faults?"
"Would I be saying these things if that person were here in front of me?"
Remember the old proverb that we have read and heard many times:“Do not unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.” Treat others how you want to be treated According to the Holy Koran, when you backbite it is as if you are eating the flesh of your dead brother.(Koran 9:12)
There are many causes for committing backbiting and because of this a man commits it sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. When one wants to belittle a person from whom it is feared that he will expose some fault of one’s. Rather than involving yourself with others, who are committing backbiting, spend that time thanking God that you are not a part of the group.
God did not put us on this earth to judge others, but to be judged by him. There are certain instances where you may speak about someone and it is not considered as backbiting. Few examples would be To relate the dishonesty committed by someone with a view to saving a Muslim from sin, would not be backbiting. If the life, property, or honour of someone can be protected only by informing of a fault it would not be backbiting.
If for some reason you need to share a story with a friend about someone else do not mention any names.That story you are sharing may help your friend from committing the same sin.
So let us not forget the above proverb and treat others how we would like to be treated.

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