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Is Christ the Son of God?

By: Abdullah Adiyar
In earlier pages I have pointed out the great revolutionary work of eradicating idol-worship done by the Prophet. But that was not all. Yet another great revolution in human history was brought by him.
The triangle of Father, Son and Holy Ghost is part of the basic faith of Christians. The Christians believe that for the salvation of the sinners Christ took on the punishment on their behalf and got himself crucified. On the third day of his death he resurrected and sat on the left of Father.
---Chirist was son of God.
---He resurrected (after his death).
Those who do not accept the above two facts cannot be Christian. This Christian faith was prevalent at the time of Muhammad (PBUH). He repudiated both the beliefs. He told the people the fact that Christ was not the son of God but His Prophet. He was not crucified as Christians believe. When a group of people entered his room one among them resembled Christ and they crucified him, instead of Christ. The Quran says :
But they killed him not,
Nor crucified him,
But so it was made
To appear to them.
We find in the Quran the name of Christ along with other Prophets like Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Haroon, David, Solomon, Yunus, Elias and others. The Quran clearly declare that Christ was a Prophet and did not have elements of godliness in him.
This is not a suitable place to discuss the differences between Muslims and Christians but I want to highlight the fact that at a time when Christianity was world-power, Muhammad (PBUH) unhesitatingly challenged the wrong notions about Christ.
Christ was helped by the holy angel. Through him the Bible was bestowed upon Christ. The Quran clearly states these realities without the slightest disrespect. Likewise, the Quran refutes other wrong beliefs but teaches to respect the religious personalities of other religions.
1. Refutation of falsehood.
2. Respect of all religious personalities.
Islam did not allow any mix-up in these two.
During Emergency when I was in detention under MISA I had the opportunity to go through the books of different religions, provided to me by my friends. And the book that influenced me most and which I liked the most was the Holy Quran.

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