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The Necessity of Developing Moral Characteristics

Among the divine characteristics are the forgiving and the overlooking of mistakes. The verses in this regard are amazing. Here is an example:
{Say: O my people, who have been prodigal against yourselves, do not despair of Allah’s mercy; surely, Allah forgives sins altogether, surely He is the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate}. Notice the word ‘prodigal’ and the expression ‘forgives sins altogether’; this ultimate kindness towards people makes one feel shy and humble.
The word ‘compassionate ‘ occurs more frequently in the Qur'an than the word ‘merciful’; the first is said to indicate kindness towards believers in particular as opposed to kindness towards humanity in general in the second. The lesson to learn from the above is that Allah’s kindness is nearer to those who took the His way.
One of the most graceful manifestations of kindness is the pardoning (of the vanquished) after victory is achieved, such as the case with the Prophets when he conquered Mecca and vanquished his opponents. Unlike the victorious leaders, the merciful Prophet made this announcement, “ Whosoever abandons fighting is safe, whosoever closes his door is safe and whosoever takes refuge in the Kaaba is safe’.
The Prophet then calls Othman bin Talha (the Kaaba’s gatekeeper, an infidel at the time) to give him back the keys to the Kaaba’s gate saying: “ This is a day of kindness and faithfulness”. Is there a similar manifestation of forgiveness and majesty in the lives of other conquerors?
Pity for the sinful is commonplace in the behaviour of all the Infallibles (A.S.). The perception by the sinful of the pity the Infallibles showed for them helped them forsake their sinning, as excluding them from the community will cause them to indulge in sinning. This is why we must deal with these people with caution, precision and an educational attitude.
Rising over trivial matters is one reason why we should forgive others. The believer is deeply involved with the upper world so that small things do not worry him, for others’ baseless accusations cannot make him assume enmity towards others thus forfeiting the blessing of the ability to forgive them.
Another reason to forgive others is the desire to guide them. Overlooking others’ mistakes is a practical lesson in high moral standards. Men yield by nature to virtue and the virtuous.
The forgiving behaviour is most applicable to the relatives like the parents, wife and those who have the right to be guided. It is unfair to let a single mistake make us forget other good characteristics our dependents have. This feeling alone-if we possess it- is enough to freshen social and family ties and precludes problems.
The one who is kind to people and forgives those who make mistakes is surely in the place of the overflowing divine mercy. It is only natural that the All-compassionate and the All-loving (Allah) will have mercy and love for someone whom compassion and love have become a deep-rooted trait of character. So, let us have mercy upon those who are on earth so that the One who is in heaven may have mercy upon us.

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