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The Light, Which Enlightens the Way in the Daily Life

In his daily life, the believer desperately needs a light to clarify the way for him especially if it is ramified. It is clear that the source of light is the Creator who is the Light of heavens and earth; the verse says, [Indeed the man from whom Allah withholds His light shall find no light at all]
Among the effects of losing, this light is having the concepts mixed up and failing to see the distinction between them. This will naturally lead to the state the following verse describes, [Say: ‘Shall we tell you who will be the greatest losers in their works? Those whose striving goes astray in the present life while they think they are working good deeds]. Therefore, it is useless to admonish such a person because he already thinks he is right.
Other close concepts, which can lead the negligent into making mistakes, are ‘the bearing of disgrace ‘and ‘forgiving’. Some might perceive forgiving others as accepting disgrace, thus making it easy for Satan to lure them into taking vengeance. In fact, forgiveness is a state of rising above the sinful souls; so how could that be disgraceful! Rather it is a feeling of honour, highness and turning away from falsehood.
Other close concepts are the ‘trusting in God’ and ‘passivity’. Some people neglect pursing their goals supposing that trusting in God means abandoning going by the natural causes. Instead, they ask Allah to replace them in doing their duties; this is passivity in itself. Trusting in God is similar to sowing the seeds in the good land and asking Allah for rain. So, he who has no seeds to sow could not be considered to be a farmer!
Other close concepts are ‘mysticism’ and ‘training of the soul’. We do not deny the existence throughout history of a corrupt faction by the name of Sufis. Those assumed a way of training the soul inconsistent with the teachings of the Qur'an and the Tradition of the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his Household (A.S.). This resulted in the practice of strange rituals and beliefs. The truth is that training the soul is the product of the Prophet’s massage and mission. Did he not state that, “I was sent o perfect the noble manners”!
Other close concepts are ‘firmness’ and ‘harshness’. Some people like to assume firmness especially in the family environment by resorting to applying severe measures of treatment thinking that they are being firm! Whereas the Qur'an warned us against using this kind of treatment. So, addressing the Prophet it says, [Had you been harsh and hard- hearted they would have surely deserted you].
Other close concepts are ‘saying the words’ and ‘actually meaning them’. For example when one is asked to ‘take refuge in Allah from Satan’, he would merely pronounce the known charm. Taking refuge in fact is a mental process involving: Seeking refuge in Allah’s Fort, knocking on its gate, running away from what one really fears, and being certain of the ability of the Fort’s Lord to protect. Now, how different is that from the mere verbal ‘taking refuge’! It is known that the ultimate effect of saying the words is conditional on the mental process and not on the repetition of the words.
Other close concepts are ‘being wary’ and ‘being worried’. We are commanded to be wary of emergency future situations by preparing for them in advance, on the personal and family levels. However, some people tend to experience worry and psychological distress, which make them think that future is always gloomy forgetting in the process that Allah is the best defender of His friend whenever and wherever he might be.

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