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The Key to Happiness

The subject of the will is one of the strategic or key-subjects in determining human fate. It is clear that success or loss, guidance or perversity, are all associated with human will. One of the most reasonable interpretations for God’s saying: {We offered the trust unto the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man assumed it…} is to explain (trust) as the will, or bearing obligations, when man was the only one in the existence who was honored by Almighty God with this blessing, and so often he misused it !!.
It’s sad that doctors and anatomy scientists attempt to reach the finest details of the human body, and decode its genetics, while in the other side no such concern in studying the psychological genetics and structure, which are in fact much more complicated than the anatomic structure, and even more important in determining human fate. So have we ever tried to think deeply to draw the overall map for the location of the will in our souls?!
The will, within human soul, takes the position of the commander of an army, being the one who gives orders and prohibitions to other bodily parts. In addition, it is well known that the commander is the one responsible for leading his army towards hardships, loss or victory. Like the real commander, the commanding will has its own wise consultants, represented by the mind and religion, and bad suit, represented by desires and inclinations.
While the will is one of the human merits, the loss of the will is one of the causes for the human debasement to the grade of the cattle. How awful would it be if the worshipper down to the degree when he insists to commit grave sins, while knows their consequences, justifying that with “loosing control over himself”. Naturally, this degree would lead the worshipper to total loss in this world and hereafter.
One cause for the loss of the will: is the collective spirit, when the individual lives in an environment where people practice since collectively. Then he would lose his resistance gradually, and starts to lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil. It even reaches the point that he thinks evil is good. This is the reason why believers, especially those who won’t guarantee themselves, are warned of traveling to the countries of unbelievers, where the collective atmosphere of offence is dominant, which will encourage others to practice it.
Another cause for the loss of the will: is the case of anger. It was stated that the devil turns the son of Adam over, when he is angry, like a ball in children’s hands. For that, the wise man should increase his efforts to control himself in that case; otherwise, everything will be out of his control.
There are different opinions in drawing the relationship between Divine Will and human will. Some people exaggerate in considering the human will as the decision maker in every matter. Others think that the worshipper is leaded and guided in all his affairs, and he lies under the Divine Will. While in fact the case is in between, and it can be best presented with the example of a man moving freely in the wagon, while the train is following a fixed railroad. It is a free moving within a fixed plan.
The correct attitude is to believe in God Almighty’s Will, but also to think that the believer would provide, by his own action, the suitable ground for this Divine Will. It is an attitude that we can recognize through many Quranic verses that set God’s Will after premises of the individual’s action… like Almighty’s saying: {..then seek refuge in the Cave; your Lord will spread for you of His mercy and will prepare for you a pillow in your plight…}, {Whoso desireth that (life) which hasteneth away; We hasten for him therein what We will for whom We please….}, {If they desire amendment; Allah will make them of one mind…}, … So if the worshipper has done his duty depending on his bestowed will, God will manage to change the reality outside and the souls inside to reach His Volition. Imam Ali (S) has said: (I recognized the existence of God by breaking intentions and resolutions).
One of the eye-catching examples of worshippers who yield to God Almighty’s wish, and match their wills with His Will, is the example of one woman whose son was martyred in a battle beside the prophet (s), so she didn’t cry for him, but waited till she takes permission from the prophet !.
Like individuals, nations have their own fixed terms and deadlines. It is known that our faith in God’s Will and its dominance over everything will give us the hope for the promised reformation and change, when we believe that strategic points in nation’s life are related to the Knower of Things Unseen (God), because believers are valuable to God, and not allowed to be like a puppet in enemies’ hands. Let us know that falsehood can win a battle, but truth will win the war.

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