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The Difference between Sacred Love and Fatal Passion

Just as many of the pious deeds begin with a hearty motion-which is superior in rank to action-like jihad, which originates from the love of sacrifice for a cause, and the attention during meditation, which originates from the love of meeting with The Divine, likewise many forbidden practices begin with a deviation in the heart’s axis. Therefore, the origin of what we are seeing of the forms of moral deviation is the forbidden passion.
The objectionable passion is the intense hearty attraction towards some person, with the tendency to reach him by any means, even if it was on the expense of reason, the norm, and the sharia. Because it affects the behaviour, originates from greed and ceases by intercourse [reunion of lovers], wise men designated it as a “melancholic” malady. This is the origin of the saying that “Intercourse is the burying ground of passion”! In other words, its origin is the love of the character and it is known that the fairness of the character dies down with repeatedly looking at it.
The original cause of the false passion is the spiritual emptiness and idleness. The heart in every state and by its nature needs something to cling to and if that vacancy is not filled with the right thing, inevitably it will be filled with the wrong thing. The best way to depict this notion is Imam Sadiq’s (A.S.) saying: “Those are hearts devoid of the love or Allah, therefore, He let them taste the sweetness of the love for others”.
We have to watch the adolescent’s conduct, because in this age each of the sexes looks for a close friend from the other sex to fill the gap. It is however known that whoever moves to fill this gap, wants-in most cases-nothing but the physical intimacy, which only further debases the soul. Whosoever submits their body to the lover will get used to doing it every time, even if they claim honest love. The proof of that is the briefness of the relationship, the changing of the partner’s attitude and the “evaporation” of the claimed love at the first quarrel.
It is strange to clear the heart-which was created to be a sanctum for Allah-for anyone who claims love, as soon as talking through air starts or even receiving a photo by mail. Where then is the reliable test based on which man attaches his heart to someone from among the competent and honest people who deserves it? Looking for the life partner through visiting chatting websites is an illusion-a mirage-that is not to be trusted. For whomsoever expose themselves to the public, must be concealing something wrong. Where then is the Quranic command not to be abject in speech especially in a time where there is an abundance of those in whose hearts is sickness?
He who passionately loves someone must ask, without misleading himself, about the objective justification for that and the reason behind insisting on something the advantage of which is not absolutely certain! He must lastly look for other alternatives, with the lack of firm conviction in the restriction of achieving the goal to what or whom he passionately loved because insistence is always the derivative of conviction.
The Holy Quran explicitly threatens, {Then wait till Allah brings His command}, those who prefer the love of fathers, sons, brothers, the clan, possessions, dwellings and commerce to loving Him and His Messenger. Is this threat not enough for us to check the corners of our hearts for the love that has sneaked into the wrong kingdom (place)? Let it be known that loving the Creator of love begins reluctantly only to transform into a passionate love that makes man despise everything that turns him away from his Lord. Did Joseph not say: {My Lord, the prison is dearer to me.}. Hence, being alone with the Beloved is dearer to him than being alone with the mortal, even if it was a princess in her castle.

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