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How to Deal With the Enemies?

Because warding off harm is more important than gaining benefit, recognizing the enemy could have the priority over recognizing the friend. At the head of the enemies who interrupt the motion towards perfection, is Satan whom Allah has commanded us to treat as an enemy.
The enmity of Satan to the children of Adam is deep-rooted and old. He is the expert of all the soulís passageways, which could even be unrecognized by the person himself. His deceit is subtle in many of the cases. Add to that the fact that he is on the look out for us at our week points because he can see us and we cannot see him.
Among the enemies, that we are heedless of are our own souls. By that we do not mean the sum of the forces of the soul including the wise forces, rather, we mean the lustful and raging sides of the soul, which invite man to submit to his caprice and rage regardless of sharia.
Other enemies whose enmity we must not overlook are the infidels and the idolaters. For how would a man, who does not admit the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of the last Prophet, be in harmony with us regarding our creed and actions, especially with the differing of interests. The Koran has documented a clear attitude towards Jews in particular by saying, {You will surely find the most hostile of men to the believers are the Jews} The intensity of this discord and fight however is witnessed up until this day.
It is a grave mistake to enter into an intimate relationship with the infidels and the idolaters because it will make us condone their repulsive actions-which are an extremely dangerous thing-after a certain period. It is because we get to lose the ability to see the gloominess in their dishonorable actions. This will lead to the unintended extension of their lifestyle to ours. Because they do not see the dishonorable actions as repulsive, it will not be possible to deter them.
The greatest problem is to hate fellow Moslems and to treat them as enemies. We must differentiate between hating people for themselves and hating them for their attributes and actions. If the attribute is what is hated, then one must hate the place of that attribute even if it was himself or his dearest ones.
The distinguishing sign of hating people only for their attributes is that we no longer feel the enmity towards them when their attributes change. It is noticed that some people experience an everlasting and unwarranted enmity towards others for a single bygone incident of disagreement.
The gravity of the enmity is doubled if it is transferred to relatives thus leading to the rupture of relations and the cessation of (the divine) subsistence and the approximation of death. Is it right then to break up with a relative for a trivial reason (made significant only by Satan, so that it leads to these fatal consequences)?
The man who is full of hatred lives in a constant state of tension and internal conflict with his presumed enemy. This in turn will negatively affect his stability and state of worship. It is obvious that this state of mind will eventually be revealed through the slips of his tongue and on the sides of his face.
It is necessary to take into consideration the aspects of an action that makes it less repugnant, even excusable, if it is done out of ignorance and inadvertence. He who does not assume this attitude will make many enemies. The fact that violence begets violence ought not be overlooked. The enemy however could be more capable of harming you than you are of harming him.
He who is uncomfortable with his attitude of enmity towards others is expected to receive Allahís mercy, which can alter manís heart taking away the hatred that unwillingly got into it. For this reason Allah conferred a favour on the people of Madina who belonged to disagreeing groups like the Aws and Khazraj tribes and the Emigrants and the Helpers, in that {He brought your hearts together, so that by His grace you became brothers}.
One of the social miracles-as a wont of Allah in his creation-is that he who repels his enemy {with that which is fair}, will discover amazing effects in that the enemy is transformed-by Allahís guidance-into {a loyal friend}. The enemy may not acknowledge the fairness of your reaction but surely, he will be obliged to feel respect for you, which will prevent him from harming you.

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