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Remembering the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)

By: Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal, Alberta, Canada
The moon has quietly completed one more revolution in its orbit, bringing us the first of the two months of Rabi, which brings two springs into full view: the spring which fills much of the earth with blossoming flowers and scents; and the spring of hearts, which intensifies the love believers feel for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).
He was born in 570 AD as an orphan in a remote but sanctified town where one of his ancestors had built the House of Allah to which people had been coming for over 2000. Generation after generation, his ancestors had been hosts to those who would arrive on lean camels, on foot, and on all kinds of mounts, from far-away lands, to circumvent the cube-shaped structure built by a father and a son in fulfillment of the Command of their Creator.
He was born at a time when men buried their new-born daughters because of their self-invented shame, fought incessant wars with each other, drank, gambled, lied, killed, and worshipped idols they had themselves made out of clay or stone. He was called to the highest station ever granted to any human being: Prophethood. But he was also going to be the seal of Prophets, closing the Prophetic cycle, with a final Message to all humanity—a message that has now become the focus of all of humanity on this ravaged planet, either as a way of life or as an obsession filled with terror.
It is indeed an outer sign of with profound insights that, 1436 solar years after his birth, the message given to the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) has become truly global, with followers of Islam living in places as far north as the first the Arctic and as far south as the first habitable place near the South Pole. And it is also a telling sign of the nature of Truth, with which he was entrusted, that in spite of the material weakness of the adherents of Islam, the greatest military power on earth is obsessively pre-occupied with Islam and Muslims, in its own land and around the globe.
Is it not rather strange that due to Islam and Muslims, America has changed so drastically: now it has a government which is obsessed with Islam, it is a state pre-occupied with a set of beliefs which originated over 1400 years ago in a remote Arabian town, it has employed thousands of men and women to guard hundreds of entry points into the country from land, sea, and air; it is a country, beholden to a small group of power holders, living in a state of perpetual fear. And all of this is, somehow, related to a religion (Islam) about which most of Americans have only vague ideas.
Indeed, to our human eyes, the ways of God are incomprehensible. The orphan who came into this world some 1436 solar years ago grew up in that harsh city where men prayed to idols, and was driven out from his ancestral town because of what God had asked him to do: call the children of Adam and his wife to the way of fitrah, their innate nature upon which they are born, and re-live that eternal covenant (mithaq) they had established with their Creator, acknowledging the Creator-created relationship and all that it entails. Not only was he driven out from his beloved city, he was also called a magician, a madman, a liar, a man possessed. He was scorned, attacked, vilified, and those who accepted the Message he brought were dragged in the hot and burning sand, stoned, tortured, and killed.
And yet, the Message remained firmly established in the hearts of those who would not barter it for anything and who had foreseen, with their hearts’ eyes, the delights of a life to come—an everlasting life of bliss, in the shade of their Lord’s Mercy.
It is this Truth which the Creator had sent down to show humanity how to live a life filled with sanctification that was entrusted to this orphan for delivery to all children of Adam. And it is this Message which he conveyed to those among whom he lived some 1400 years ago. And when the time came for him to choose between the life of this world with all its bounties and a meeting with his Lord, he chose the latter, saying, “Indeed, the Most High Companion”.
And indeed, in this month of two springs, believers rejoice in what their Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) had brought. They reaffirm in this spring of hearts that they shall live by this Truth which offers them the hope of a future meeting with the Lord in the blissful serenity of a place filled the sounds of Salaaman Salama (peace, peace). They re-affirm, in this recurring and bounteous spring of thy coming and going from this planet, O Messenger of Allah, that what you brought to this world is, indeed, the everlasting Truth (S.A.W.), calling all to live a life sanctified by a living consciousness of our Creator, may He be Exalted.

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