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Eghtesad Islami (The Journal on Islamic Economics)

This journal, which is being published regularly by the Institute for Culture and Islamic Thought, Tehran, Iran, is the only journal is a specialized scientific journal on Islamic economics, which intends to plan and develop basic and applied studies in Islamic economics as well as the economy of Iran. It has the following aims:
1. To explain the foundations and principles of the main economic issues of Islam, and justifying them both scientifically and logically;
2. To come to the pathology and logical criticism of the economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3. To comparatively analyze and survey various economic schools and theories;
4. To scrutinize upcoming issues of jurisprudence and new requirements in the filed of economics;
To realize these aims, the following topics are discussed from the Islamic viewpoint:
I. Macroeconomics
II. Microeconomics
III. Banking and Money
IV. Public Sector
V. Economic System
VI. Growth and Development
VII. The Economy of Iran
VIII. Novel Issues in Jurisprudence and Economic Law
IX. Translation of Articles
X.The Novelties of Islamic Economics
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