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Shi'ite Islamic Studies Quarterly

Aims and scope:
Shi'ite Islamic Studies Quarterly is an international, refereed journal that publishes scholarly articles from various perspectives on all aspects of Shi'a studies. Contributions are invited from all who have a scholarly interest in any dimension of Shi’ism, including Qur’an and hadith, law and jurisprudence, theology, philosophy, mysticism and history as well as current issues in the Muslim world. The journal aims to be the first choice for those involved in Shi'a studies and scholarship.

Notes for contributors:
Contributors are invited to submit their manuscripts electronically as an e-mail attachment or on disk. Editorial correspondence should be sent to:
Mahmood Abolghasemi
Managing Editor
Islamic College for Advanced Studies
133 High Road
NW10 2SW
Email: editor@islamic-college.ac.uk.
Manuscripts should not exceed 7000 words. All manuscripts will be reviewed by academic referees.
Manuscripts should not presently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submissions should be in English using British spelling conventions, double spaced, with an abstract of 100-150 words. In order to protect anonymity, name(s) of the author(s) and institutional address, if any, should appear on the title page only. The full postal address of the author who will check proofs and receive correspondence and offprints should also be included. All pages should be numbered. Footnotes to the text should be avoided wherever this is reasonably possible. The approximate total number of words should be specified on the title page. No manuscripts would be returned.
Contributors are advised to follow the widely accepted transliteration system concerning Islamic terms with an indication of the software used.
Tables and figures should be typed out on separate sheets and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals with a descriptive caption. The approximate position of tables and figures should be indicated in the manuscript.

Citation and references:
Submissions should follow the Harvard system of referencing which gives the surname of the author and the year of publication as a key to the bibliographical details set out in the list of references. Examples are given below.
References should be indicated in the text in either of the following forms:
As Esposito (1998) pointed out the pre-Islamic rules of inheritance were totally male dominated and women were excluded from inheritance.
It is argued that the pre-Islamic rules of inheritance were totally male dominated and women were excluded from inheritance (Esposito, 1998).
If more than one paper by the same author in the same year are cited, a, b, c, etc., should be put after the year of publication. The references should be listed in full at the end of the paper in this standard form:

For books:
Madelung , W. (1997) The Succession to Muhammad: A Study of the Early Caliphate. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

For articles:
Gilliat-Ray, S. (1998) Multiculturalism and identity: their relationship for British Muslims. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 18(2), 347-354.

For chapters:
Nyang, S.S. (1988) Islam in North America . In P. Clarke (Ed) Islam. London: Routledge.

For translated books:
Tabataba'i , M. H. (2003) The Elements of Islamic Metaphysics, trans. A. Q. Qara'i. London: ICAS Press.
Titles of journals should not be abbreviated. Footnotes to the text should be avoided where this is reasonably possible.
Proofs will be sent to authors if there is sufficient time to do so. They should be corrected and returned to the Managing Editor within a week. Major alterations to the text cannot be accepted.
Offprints: 30 offprints along with a complete copy of the relevant issue are supplied free. Additional copies may be purchased at a special discount price.
Copyright: Papers accepted become the copyright of ICAS Press unless otherwise specifically agreed. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources. It is understood that submission of an article to the journal implies that it has not been published or submitted elsewhere for publication.

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