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A Comprehensive Exploration of the Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran

By: Mahdi La'li, edited by Ann Marie (Zeinab) Yezzi Shareef
288 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #03-1821; ISBN 1-4120-1443-3; US$22.99, C$26.44, EUR18.88, 13.22
Publisher: Trafford Publishing, a division of Trafford Holdings Ltd
A Comprehensive Exploration of the Scientific Miracles in Holy Quran presents the propagation and mystical reflection of wonders in Holy Quran from the standpoint of science.

About the Book
This book is an exploration of the countless secrets of the universe that God has revealed in Holy Quran more than 1400 years ago. It seeks in a very modest and humble manner to draw you into a journey to uncover some of the awe and splendor of this divine miraculous Scripture. Step in line with the author and walk through the many sacred revelations that have amazingly been encased within the scientific facts, which were yet to be discovered far later in the modern era.

Table of Contents and Excerpts


Cosmology in Holy Quran
Big Bang Theory
Expanding Universe
Gaseous Origin of the Universe
Extraterrestrial Life
Termination of the Universe
Destiny of Earth
Death of the Universe

Astronomy in Holy Quran
Interstellar Galactic Material
Revolution of the Heavens
Black Holes
Pulsars and Neutron Stars
Sun and Moon and their orbits
Inherent Diversity between Sun and Moon
Revolution of Sun
Composition of Meteors
Motion of Earth
Trundling Earth
Spherical Earth

Aerospace in Holy Quran
Aerodynamics and Flight Control
Conquest of Space by Human

Physics in Holy Quran
Universal Gravitation
Gravity of Earth
Universality of Pairing
The Well-balanced Universe
Origin of Iron
Water and Its Individual Properties

Meteorology in Holy Quran
Protective Properties of Atmosphere
Drop of Atmospheric Pressure
Seven Layers of Atmosphere
Reduction of Atmosphere
Formation of Clouds and Rains

Medical Sciences in Holy Quran
The Three Veils around Fetus
Gender Determination
Nature of Sperm
The Sensory Characteristic of Skin
Therapeutic Properties of Honey

Geology in Holy Quran
Geological Description of Mountains
Lowest Land of Earth

Oceanography in Holy Quran
Oceans and the Internal Waves

Zoology in Holy Quran
Intelligent World of Animals

All praise belongs to God, the most Compassionate, and the most Merciful; and may peace and blessings be upon His last Messenger, Muhammad (S.A.W.).
No book has affected the human communities as much as the Holy Quran has; and this affection has been conspicuous from the incipient eras of Islam. The fast transition and marvelous revolution, which occurred among the Arab communities and the nation of Islam, has been unique among all societies of all time. This revolution was undoubtedly because of the amazing power contained in the revelations of Holy Quran.
God has sent numerous prophets to all the nations and races. As the human race progressed, the prophets arrived with the laws that suited the requirements of that time. Each new prophet brought a new divine law, which abrogated or cancelled the previous law. Muhammad (S.A.W.) is the last prophet of God and he has brought the last and the most perfect law in the Holy Quran. History shows us that this law has suited the requirements of the people for the last 1400 years and shall continue to do so till the day of resurrection.
The prophets were sent by God with their own miracles to prove their prophecy to the people. These times have passed and with them the prophets and observable evidence of their miracles. Namely, their miracles have not been perceivable by other nations in other places and eras. For example, man can never see Moses again converting his staff to a serpent before Pharaoh, or Jesus Christ raising the dead by God's leave. The only tangible miracle that yet remains in our world today is the Holy Quran, God's conclusive word to this world. Islam, as the final and the everlasting religion of God, has been charged to offer this perpetual miracle in such a manner that it would have been accessible for the people at all times.
What is the miracle of Muhammad(S.A.W.) ? Various miracles such as splitting of the moon, food multiplication, supplication for rain, the prophet's night journey from Madinah to Jerusalem and ascent to the heavens etc, have been narrated and some are included in Holy Quran. However, during the past times, Muslims have believed in the prophecy of Muhammad (S.A.W.) through his perpetual miracle i.e. Holy Quran.
From many different aspects, Holy Quran is deemed to be a miracle. It is a wonderful piece of poetry and unique Arabic literature, full of wisdom and guidance. On reading it, one is at once convinced that it is the very Word of God, for no man can write such a perfect guidance on so many subjects with such eloquence and charisma. In all respects it supercedes what any human could have compiled.
One of other miraculous aspects of the Quran is the existence of modern scientific data in it. This information could have not been easily conceived considering the time and the place in which the Quran was revealed. Muhammad (S.A.W.) was an illiterate man who never studied, wrote or read anything and was raised in the most backward nations in his time. Nevertheless, numerous scientific notions, which have been yet to be discovered in the intervening course of history, are mentioned in the Quran. Expansion of the universe, gravity of earth, universal gravitation, oceans' internal waves, fetus embryonic phases, protective properties of atmosphere, reduction of atmosphere, lowest land of earth, composition of meteors, black holes, pulsars etc, being clarified in an ancient book, is not a matter to be easily neglected.
The book of God constantly appeals to one to think, ponder and understand; and forbids one to drown one's reasons or believe blindly. God says in Holy Quran:
-Surely in the creation of the heavens and earth and in the alternation of night and day there are signs for men possessed of minds; [those] who remember God, standing and sitting and on their sides, and reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: Our Lord, Thou hast not created this for vanity. Glory be to Thee! Guard us against the chastisement of the fire.
Chapter3: verse 190 and 191
Holy Quran mentions that no man will be able to forge even a part of it and that no corruption shall touch it from any side. In fact, it challenges any man to do so. It is also a miracle that Holy Quran has remained unchanged or altered an iota during all these 1400 years. It shall remain so until the final Day of Judgment, for God has taken it on Himself to protect it.
Another miraculous aspect of the Holy Quran is its statistical wonders. As an example, the word "world" is mentioned 115 times in the Quran and this interestingly equals the number of times that the word "hereafter" is used as well. Other examples are "angels", "demons" each mentioned 88 times, life and death, 145 times, and man and woman each used 24 times equally. Also the word "sea" is mentioned 32 times and the word "land" is used 13 times in the Quran. If we add up the total words of both "sea" and "land" we get 45. Now if we do a simple calculation:
32/45 X 100% = 71.11111111% seas
13/45 X 100% = 28.88888888% lands
Above is exactly what we know today about the percentages of water and land, which cover the surface of earth. This is yet another miracle in the Quran!
Also, it is wonderful that the number of word "day" mentioned in the Quran, equals the number of days of the year, that is, 365. Similarly, the word "month" is mentioned 12 times in the Quran, which is the number of total months of the year.
The Miracles of the Quran will never end. God has challenged in the Quran that no one will ever be able to compose a book like it:
-Say: Verily, though mankind and the Jinn (demon) should assemble to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof though they were helpers one of another.
Chapter17: verse88
Somewhere else, man is challenged to produce 10 chapters the like of the Quran's:
-Or do they say, 'he has forged it'? Say: 'Then bring you ten suras (chapters) the like of it, forged; and call upon whom you are able, apart from God, if you speak truly.'
-Then, if they do not answer you, know that it has been sent down with God's knowledge, and that there is no god but He. So have you surrendered?
Chapter11: verse13
In His final challenge, God has restricted the battlefield and called anyone to bring only one chapter the like thereof:
-And if you are in doubt concerning that We have sent down on Our servant, then bring a sura like it, and call your witnesses, apart from God, if you are truthful.
-And if you do not -and you will not- then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for unbelievers.Chapter2: verse23 and 24
...And history vividly witnesses that no one has answered to this challenge yet.

Excerpt from chapter one

Big Bang Theory
The world we live in is a marvelous collection of wonders, which amazes any enlightened beholder. It makes him admire its majesty by its dazzling greatness and precise reckoning.
How did this wonderful universe with such great dimensions come to be in the existence? When did it happen? Is it going to die one day? Currently, the Big Bang model of the origin of the universe is the cosmological paradigm most widely accepted by astronomers. This theory contends that about 15 billion years ago the universe began with the explosive expansion of a single, extremely dense matter, the primordial mass. Astronomers arrived at this conclusion only after the development of radio telescopes in 1937 and the necessary observational precision was achieved.
The Holy Quran was written over 14 centuries ago, as it was revealed to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad(S.A.W.). One of the glorious mysteries of the Quran is that it explains many of the mysteries of our universe, long before modern scientists could reveal these same secrets. What does Quran say about the origin of our universe? Wonderfully enough, the following verse indicates that the universe was first a unit piece then the heavens and the earth originated from it:
-Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them... will they not then believe?
Chapter21: verse30
In the following passage, we will offer you the Quranic overview regarding the origin of the universe, which is quite basically in accordance with the new scientific discoveries. To achieve a better contemplation of the corresponding Quranic viewpoint, we should first glance over the pertinent scientific theories...

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