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Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences, Qom, Iran

Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS), established in 1988. This center undertakes the grave task of computerizing Islamic texts and sources.

The main activities of the Center are as follows
1. Study and implementation of the best methods of using advanced computer technology in producing word indexes, subject indexes, "rijal" indexes, and other required indexes in the Islamic fields;
2. Performing scientific researches using the produced indexes, and publishing them in order to provide suitable patterns in the field of Islamic sciences research,
3. Publishing books, magazines, pamphlets, and other Islamic sources by using computer and communication facilities,
4. Computer training for the researchers of Islamic sciences,
5. Presenting hardware and software services for the researchers of Islamic sciences,
6. Promoting and developing the proper culture of computer usage and exchanging information in the Islamic seminaries, as well as recognizing and reinforcing the influencing elements in this respect,
7. Cooperation with the computer institutions to enrich the current activities in the Islamic field as well as taking advantage of the consequent experiences to attain the goals of the Center as soon as possible,
8. Using the worldwide nets to send and receive the required information.

Research Department
This department is responsible for preparing the required scientific material and research literature through a group of expert researchers. This department is branched out into many divisions:
Quran Section Jurisprudence and its Principles Section
Rational Sciences Section Hadith Section
Rijal Section History Section

Technical Department
There are 95 full-time specialists in software engineering and data-entry sections, as well as 57 part-time typists in this department. Software Section The staff of the Software Engineering Section are divided into the following 14 groups:
Coding Research and Development Data Bases
Data Management Data Preparation Graphics
Audio-Visual Help Software Test and Evaluation
Demo Software Support and Maintenance Network
Projects Management and Control Analysis and Design

Data-Entry Section
This section is divided into the following 7 groups:
Typing Proof-reading Formatting
Diacritic Signs Font Correction Word Root
"Rijal "

IT Department
As furnishing and exchanging information --especially in the field of Islamic Sciences-- seems necessary for the qualitative and quantitative progress and development of sciences and programs, this center has founded an IT department that undertakes the responsibility of establishing consistent interaction with the researchers and to disseminate the Islamic sciences. This goal has been accomplished by establishing the "CRCIS Data Banks" throughout the country.
To enhance the performance of researchers and to exchange technical and scientific information with the experts in related fields, this department has been holding scientific and technical meetings and seminars.
IT Department also participates in national and international exhibitions to improve its association with related organizations and to introduce accomplishments and activities of the Center (CRCIS).
Providing consistent and free BBS network services to users is another responsibility of this department.

Noor Computer Training Institute (NCTI)
NCTI is a subsidiary of CRCIS. It provides various computer services to the public and especially to the Islamic seminary students as well as to the institutions. These services include program development for different information management systems, supplying hardware systems and related facilities and utilizing the capabilities of computer in the field of advertisement.
This institute offers its services in the following separate divisions:
1. Noor Computer and Language Center; for educational services,
2. Noor Negarestan (Gallery); for design, graphics and advertisement services,
3. Noor Software programs; for automating systems and producing software packages,
4. Computer Assistance Center; for providing various hardware and software services, consulting, and other computer services,
5. Noor IT Database; for establishing contacts and interaction with users and for transferring new products to them.

Noor Computer Services Institute (NCSI)
NCSI is a subsidiary of CRCIS. It offers its services to the Islamic sciences researchers and related research institutes in the following 5 sections since 1993.
1. Subscriber / User Services
2. Hardware Services
3. Software Sales
4. Hardware Sales
5. Noor Rayaneh Research Office (NRRO)
Iran -Qom -Shohada Sq. Moalem Str.
Tel : (0098251)7743416 Fax : (0098251)7743414
Email To : info@noorsoft.org
Quran Noor al-Anwar, version 2: : the first multi media encyclopedia of Quran and containing the complete recitation of Quran and 11 translations and 9 commentaries, commentatory traditions (hadith), the merits and occasion of revelation of verses.
Tradiation(hadith) Noor 2 Jami` ul Ahadith:: the greatest library of the tradition by ahlul bayt(A.S) including 187 books in 442 volumes from 90 authors.
Manhajul noor: the greatest encyclopedia of Amir-al mumenin sayings
dua&ziarat Noorul janan: A collection of books of dua and zearat tens of ethical book, the sweet recitation of sahifeye sajjadiyye and mafatihul janan along with its translation, translation and commentaries on most of duas and zearat along with many new features.
Fiqh & Usoul Library of Principles of Jurisprudence (Usoul al-Fiqh library):complete text of 75 books in 176 volumes by 51 great authors.
Noor al-Fiqahah: complete text of selselatul Yanabi ul-fighiyah and subject index of urwatul wuthqa, makasib, sharhul lumat, fara’edul usoul and kifayatul ‘usul and also lisan ul-arab dictionary.
History Noor al-Sirah: Historical encyclopedia with the couplet text of historical and along with translation , and lesan ul-arab dictionary.
Rijal Dirayatul Noor: the First specialized software program of Shiite Rijal Science that contains 38 volumes of books in Rijal science and 55 volumes of books in tradition (Hadith) associated with analysis of their chain of narrators.
English library Noor English Library: 162 significant works in the fields of religion, philosophy, theology,literature, art, politics, etc.by 60 famous compilers in the world and two talking dictionaries (having a total of 60000 entries.
Gnosis(Irfan) Gnosis Library, version1: the words index and the complete text of Gnostic books along with lesan ul-arab dictionary and dua kumeil as well as Dua Abu Hamze Thomali.
Dictionary Qamous al-Noor: the first Arabic dictionary including the books, Al’ein, lesan ul-arab, and majma’ul bahrein.
Biography & Bibliography Translations and Bibliography: ,ver.1 Word index of Al-Dhari'ah ila Tasanif al-Shi'ah,A'yan al-Shi'ah,Mustadrakat A'yan al-Shi'ah,Amal al-Amil and Ma'alim al-'Ulama' books .
Granted programs Noor Nama: free software of the computer Research center of the Islamic scinces.
Logic & Philospphy Noorul Hikma:Double (Word-subject) Indexes of Philosophy,Logic and Theology books.
Mus-haf al-Noor Mushaful Noor: The first computer print of Quran with the size100*70, can be read with unarmed eyes.
collection of the internet site collection of Quranic internet sites
collection of philosophic internet sites
collection of Islamic internet sites
collection of work Library of the learned Naraqis: 12 book by the learned naraqis in 37 volumes.

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