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The Muslim Jesus

The following is a synopsis of Tarif Khalidi’s book entitled: “The Muslim Jesus”, which might lead people to learn more about Islam. Tarif Khalidi is Sir Thomas Adams’ Professor of Arabic, Director of the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge.
Here is a cross-section of book reviews from a variety of sources:

The Muslim Jesus
Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature
Ed. and Trans. Tarif Khalidi
Jesus figures prominently in Islam. Alongside the hadiths, the stories of the Prophet’s sayings and actions, appear stories of Jesus’ sayings and actions, 303 of which Tarif Khalidi has collected and translated to produce, for the first time, a Muslim gospel. Some of the sayings reflect certain of Jesus’ sayings in the Christian gospels, while others probably derive from pre-Islamic ascetics and heroes…Khalidi’s efforts bring a…[great] diversity of Muslim beliefs about Jesus into the book. To each story, Khalidi appends astute analysis, and a lengthy general introduction provides a historical and functional overview of the Muslim understanding of Jesus. An unique and important addition to the corpus of writings about Jesus. — John Green, Booklist
Tarif Kahlidi brings together Islamic primary sources about Jesus from the eighth to eighteenth centuries. Included are mystical works, historical texts about prophets and saints and, of course, the foundational words about Jesus in the Qur’an…the literary quality of the texts and the role “the Muslim Jesus” has played in both Muslim piety and Muslim-Christian relations. — Publishers Weekly

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