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Death Sentences in the Bible

Fareena Alam

Christian missionaries are selective in their belief in the Bible. While the misconception that Islam instructs regular Muslims to put all apostates to death (which is absolutely untrue) is widely used to deter people from Islam, missionaries ignore the following verses taken from the Bible. It is true that God, heavily frowns upon apostasy in the Quran but it is always a case between God and the apostate - not for us Muslims to judge, nowhere is the layman Muslim told to take God's judgement into our own hands. On the contrary, the horror of these verses from the Bible make the Quran's alleged cruelty and Prophet Muhammad's alleged sword, look very pale in comparison.
This is a list of death sentence criteria in the Bible - my dear Christian brothers and sisters, check if you're on it.
GE 38:8-10 A man who refuses to impregnate his widowed sister-in-law is put to death.
EX 21:12 Whoever strikes a man so that he dies is to be put to death--except that, in some cases, God will appoint a place to which the offender may flee instead.
EX 21:15 Whoever strikes his father or mother is to be put to death.
EX 21:16 Whoever steals a man is to be put to death. (Note: This is in spite of the fact that a father can sell his daughter into slavery; see EX 21:7-11.)
EX 21:17, LE 20:9, DT 21:18-21 A child who curses his parent(s) is to be put to death. A stubborn and/or rebellious child is to be put to death.
EX 22:18, DT 18:10 A witch or sorcerer is to be put to death.
EX 22:20 Anyone who sacrifices to other gods must be destroyed.
LE 20:10-12, DT 22:22 Adulterers (in some cases) must be put to death.
LE 20:13 Practicing male homosexuals are to be put to death. (Note: Female homosexuality is not considered in the OT though it NT. See RO 1:26-32.)
LE 20:14 If a man has sexual relations with both his wife and his mother-in-law, all three of them must be put to death.
LE 20:15-16 If a person engages in sex with an animal, both the animal and the person must be put to death.
LE 20:27 A medium or wizard is to be put to death.
LE 21:9 If a priest's daughter becomes a prostitute, she is to be burnt with fire.
LE 24:16 whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord must be put to death.
NU 3:10 an unauthorized person who acts as a priest must be put to death.
DT 13:2-5 Anyone who causes someone to turn to another god must be put to death.
DT 13:6-10 A man is required to slay his friends and members of his own family who are guilty of worshipping another god.
DT 17:12 A man who shows contempt for a judge or priest must be put to death.
DT 18:20-22, EZ 14:9 If a prophet's words do not come true, he is a false prophet and must be put to death. This is true even if he has been deceived by God himself.
DT 22:23-24 A betrothed virgin who is seduced in the city is to be put to death unless she cries for help.
MK 10:2-12, LK 16:18 Divorce is wrong, and to remarry is to commit adultery. (LE 20:10-12, DT 22:22 in turn say, adulterers are to be put to death)
RO 1:26-27, 32 Men and women who commit unnatural sexual acts deserve to die.
TS 1:10-11 There are many who must be silenced.

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