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How Christianity was spread in Europe?

Muslim Ummah all over the world are hurt by false accusation of the Roman Christians Pope Benedict of Vatican. Pope already carved his evil deeds towards Islam in the book of history against Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). This is not the first time the Roman Pope accuses Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w.).
What is the duty of Muslim Ummah. Our emotional fight is not end of the story.
Let us defend Islam and Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.) with Pen and Paper through History of mankind and civilization.
Let us find that the religion that Prophet Jesus (a.s.) conveyed to the Israelis and Romans was not Christianity it was Islam. The religion Christian came from some opportunist who forged the Book of Allah Injil and corrupted the way it was fit to them. The so called religion Christianity is not mentioned in any book of Allah the Injil or the so called Bible (means: collection of books).
Let us start how Christianity was spread in Europe, bloodshed, barbaric killings and dictatorships and fascism. The poor and sick Christians were not allowed in the church the poor and sick people were labeled as the cursed community.
Let us find out what is happening in 20th century. How Christianity is involved in slavery, civil wars, forcing the hungry people of Africa, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Somalia you name it were ever there is disaster, the Christian Missionaries from Evangelist, Catholic, Protestants, Jehovah witness, and hundred of Christians sects through out the world get chance to force needy people of the world and hungry people in to Christianity.
There are hundreds of books in the libraries, were people can find the written evidence about how Christianity is forced in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

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