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A Shrinking and Ageing Population of White Europeans

By: Michael A. Hoffman
Muslim immigrants’ higher birth-rates will replace traditionally Christian Europe with an Islamic majority within this century. The birth-rate of native Europeans has fallen sharply since the 1960s. The usual measure is total fertility rate (TFR), the number of children an average woman will bear in her lifetime. A TFR of 2.1 is required to replenish a population; the current average level in the 25-nation European Union is just under 1.5, and as low as 1.2 in Italy, the Czech Republic and Latvia. The TFR is 1.77 in Britain, 1.98 in Ireland, 1.89 in France.
In France, Third World immigrants constitute more than 10 percent of the population, compared with five percent in Britain. The best estimates suggest there are now more than five million Muslims and two million blacks in France, and their birth-rates are more than twice as high as that of French whites. So while the Third World residents of France account for one-eighth of the total population, they account for almost a quarter of those under the age of 25. They also account for more than half of the prison population, and close to half of the unemployed. France’s future therefore depends on a sullen and ill-educated underclass of future colored workers and consumers whose taxes are supposed to finance the welfare state and the pensions of French whites, who at age 60 retire after a lifetime of leisurely 35-hour work-weeks.
For married couples to have large families is not a "luxury" in a nation that cares a farthing for its heritage, culture or destiny. For that matter, so did the former Soviet Union. The Church no longer preaches against birth control (how can it?---most of its preachers have small families

and who wants to be a white father today, the butt of every joke, the target of feminist wrath, a man with tremendous financial responsibilities, little respect and less authority?
Don't mistake me, I am no longer an evangelist of the white birth-rate, not after the white race re-elected that baby-killing cretin, the abortionist by air force bombs, George W. Bush, in 2004 (with assistance from rigged voting machines in Ohio). As a Poe fan I can live with a gothic House of Usher world where dwindling whites comprise a kind of de facto Brahmin caste. But in terms of what our people accomplished in the past, before Judaism and dollar-worship captured their souls -- the music of Bellini, Poulenc and Liszt, the art of Carvaggio and Thomas Hart Benton, the poetry of Catallus and Marlowe, the political science of John Lilburne, Algernon Sydney, Thom Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Mason; the devotion of Francis of Assisi and John of the Cross; the philosophy of Charles Fort and L.F Céline, the scholarship of Johann Andreas Eisenmenger and Edward Gibbon, the exploits of Hernando Cortez and Richard Francis Burton, the discoveries, the exploration...these I most certainly do not wish to see diminished or extinguished. Still, we will get what our modern greed, selfishness and myopia merit.
Perhaps a new race will emerge, a part white-Muslim or Socialist commonweal where honesty, modesty and culture are honored for their own sake, apart from the pursuit of the profit motive. Error! Bookmark not defined., since the Industrial Revolution, the Money Power has disdained large white proletarian families. Thomas Malthus was a spokesmen for a whole slew of predatory capitalists who feared the "surplus" white population of England. Only relatively recently, as a decided afterthought, has the utility of a mass of white "peasants" as cannon fodder in Israel's wars and "clashes of civilizations," occurred to a faction of the Money Power. For decades in Europe and since 1965 in America, many Judaics were doctrinaire Third World immigration advocates while espousing sterility for whites (viz. Paul Erlich's ZPG movement). That erstwhile campaign was a means for gaining leverage against the possibility of a renascent white race which, at that time, before the rise of Judeo-Churchianity's obedience-to-rulers culture, was seen as still capable of mounting a neo-Nazi-style revolution. Recall that Einstein had been a doctrinaire pacifist until he perceived that his own Judaic tribe was threatened, after which he willingly grandfathered the atomic bomb. Like Einstein, once the Judaic Leftists saw that their Israeli tribe was threatened by their run-amok Muslim Frankenstein,* they switched to the Right and began their present scramble to revive the white race for use as tax-payers, voters and foot-soldiers in the Error! Bookmark not defined. race wars and ethnic cleansings required by the Zionist empire.
* The chronicle of Judaic manipulation of Islam in the rabbinic war on Christendom, beginning with Maimonides, has not been studied in any depth. Patrick J. Buchanan, the bizarre, Island of Dr. Moreau, hybrid Neo-Conesque-Catholic-Paleo-Conservative-2004-Bush-Voter
), in his current crusade against non-white immigration, replete with half-truths, cannot bring himself to mention the historic record of Judaic manipulation of, and collusion with, Muslims in their wars against Europe. Such are the intellectual contortions and sins of omission in which politicians must engage, and the reason why the Crypocracy permits them to gain a following.

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