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Earning by Lawful Way

One day Imam Ali (a.s.) went to say his prayers in the masjid. After a while, a man came and asked Imam Ali (a.s.) if the camel wondering outside the masjid was his.
Imam Ali (a.s.) came out and saw that the camel was his and its rein had gone missing.
Imam Ali (a.s.) went to the market to buy another rein. He went to a shop where he found the exact rein that had gone missing.
Hazrat Ali (a.s.) asked the shopkeeper the price of that rein.
Shopkeeper: A man had just been to my shop and sold this rein to me for eight dirhams. You can have it for the same price.
Imam: Showing him the eight dirhams that he was holding in his hands and said, "This man did me a favour of looking after my camel. I had decided to give him eight dirhams in return. He could not wait to get this lawfully.
Instead he robbed it and sold it you. He still got the same amount of money and not a penny more!
Sometimes people become so greedy that in order to obtain their sustenance, they would do anything. If you earn lawfully, you will have to give account to Allah and if you earn it unlawfully, there is a punishment for it.

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