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Allamah Mir Hamid Husain Musavi

He was son of Mufti Muhammad Quli, was born in Meerut, India, on 5th Muharaam 1246 (27th June, 1830). He studied Arabic literature with Mufti Mohammad Abbas, and Sayyidul Ulama Seyyid Husain (the youngest son of Ghufran Ma'ab) trained him in FIQH and Usool.
Seyyid Hamid Husain acquired his knowledge of the Islamic sciences in India, and although he visited many scholars during his pilgrimage to Arabia and Iraq, his main interest lay in collecting books and manuscripts for doctrinal and historical research. Ulama of Iran and Iraq have paid glowing tributes to him in their evaluation of his copious contributions, particularly the encyclopedic work on Imamah, called 'ABAQATUL ANWAR'.
Ayatullah Seyyid Muhsin Amili in his 'A'AYANU SSHIA' says: " A man of his eloquence, proficiency in Traditions, Islamic history and Theology is not to be found during his time. In fact, neither before nor after. If we said that a scholar of his status has not appeared after the era of MUFEED and MURTADHA, it would not be an exaggeration…"
His work on FIQH includes "ALDHARAE" which is a commentary on 'SHARAE', 'ZAINUL WASAIL', 'ALSHARIAH ALGHARRA', 'ALNAJM ALTHAQIB' and others.

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