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Allamah Seyyid Dildar Ali "Ghufran Ma'ab"

He is popularly known as Ghufran Ma'ab, was the son of Seyyid Muhammad Muin bin Seyyid Abdul Hadi. It would seem that his family, like many other Seyyid families, left Nishapur (Iran) because of the Mongol invasion and settled in India. He was born in 1166 AH. He completed his early studies in India, and in 1193 AH travelled to Iraq for further studies. Among his tutors in Iraq were great Fuqaha like Shaikh Ja'far Kashiful Ghita, and Wahid Behbehani. Later, he went to Mashhad (Iran) for further studies.
Seyyid Dildar Ali, while in India, was of Akhbari persuasion, but he changed to Usuli school after his intensive studies in Iraq. Upon his return to Lucknow, he became a Marja' in India, his fatwas being regarded as final by the Shia populace.
His magnum opus in Theology (IlmulKalam) is known as "ImadulIslam" which he wrote in Arabic, in refutation of antishia arguments by FakhrudDin Razi. His detailed work in FIQH is 'MUNTAHAL AFKAR'. His sons were also pious, dedicated scholars and teachers.
Seyyid Dildar Ali died in the night of 19th Rajab 1235 (2nd May 1820), and was buried in Lucknow.

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