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Shi'ite Authors On Geography

The pioneer among them was Hisham bin Muhammad bin Sa'ib al-Kalabi. While takling about his books, Ibn-un-Nadim mentions in his Al-Fahrist the following books written by Hisham:
«His books on different countries are (i) Kitab-ul-Aqalim, (ii) Al-Buldan ul-Kabir, (iii) Al-Buldan-us-Saghir, (iv) Tasmiyat-ul-Ardain (v) Al-Anhar (vi) Al-Hirah (vi) Manazil-ul-Yaman, (vii) Al-'Aja'ib-ul-Arba'ah, (viii) Aswaq-ul-'Arab and (ix) Tasmiyat-ul-Bai'-i-Wad-Diyarat.
He died in 206 A.H.
It is surprising that in the preface of his book Mu'jam-ul-BuldanYaqut al-Hamawi attempted to discuss books written in this field and also tried to take an account of the authors especially Muslim, but he does mention the books written by Hisham. What he says about him is this came by Hisham's book titled Ishtiqaq-ul-Buldan. But the fact is that Hisham is one of the foremost writers in this field and similarly his books on this subject like the book of Ibn-un-Nadim. Specially surprising is the fact that Al-Fahrist of Ibn-un-Nadim was available to Yaqut as he has himself clarified during his discussion of Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Nadim in connection with Mu'jam-ul-Udaba'.
Among other writers in this field are:
1. Ibn-us-Sukait, Abu Yusuf Ya'qub bin Ishaq. He wrote Kitab-ush Shajar-i-Wal-Ghabat. He died in 244 A.H.
2. Muhammad bin Khalid al-Barqui who died in the early third century.
3. Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Khalid Barqui.
Ibn-un-Nadim has mentioned him and his father while discussing the Shi'ite jurists and their books. He says that Ahmad bin Abi Abdullah Muhammad bin Khalid Barqui wrote a book titled Kitab-ul-Buldan which was bigger than the one written by his father. This statement indicates that his father too wrote a book on this subject although it has not been mentioned in his writings. According to An-Najashi, Ahmad wrote Kitab-ul-Ardain and Kitab-ul-Buldan-i-Wal-Masahah.
He died in 274 A.H.
4. Al-Ya'qubi, Ahmad bin Abi Ya'qub.
He wrote Kitab-ul-Buldan which has been published from Leiden. He died around 278 A.H.
5. Ibn Hamdun, Al-Katib Nadim Ahmad bin Ibrahim bin Isma'il.
According to Al-Fahrist of Ash-Shaikh and An-Najashi, he was the author of Kitab-u-Asma'-il-Jibal Wal Miyah Wal Awdiyah (The book of names of the mountains, rivers and valleys). He died in the mid-third century.
6. Abul Hasan Ali bin Muhammad al-'Adawi Shamshati Najashi has said, «He wrote a book titled 'Kitab-ul-Adyirah Wal A'mar Fil Buldan-i-Wal Aqtar. He has further said that Salamah bin Dakka told him that it was his biggest book in which there were around thirty monasteries and populated areas. According to Ibn-un-Nadim, he wrote a volumious book about the monasteries. He died during the fourth century.
7. Ali bin Husain al-Mas'udi wrote a book on this subject titled Al-Masalik Wal Mamalik. He died in 364 A.H.
8. Al-Husain bin Muhammad bin Ja'far Rafiqui alias Khali'a
An-Najashi has testified his being a Shi'ite. According to Mu'jam-ul-Udaba' and Bughyat-ul-Wi'at, he wrote Kitab-ul-Awdiyah Wal Jibal-i-War-Rimal.
He died in 388 A.H.

Hasan al-Amin,Shorter Shi'ite Encyclopaedia

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