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Ibn Alqami

Majd al-Din Abu Taleb Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Abu Taleb bin Alqami (1195-1258A.D./591-656 A.H.) was the last Abbasid minister. Some of the historians consider him to be Iranian from the city of Qum. He was an astute and learned politician and was an ardent follower of the Shi'ite school. During his youth he learned grammar and literature from Ibn Ayub Emeed ar-Ru'asa, a famous Shi'ite scholar.
Ibn Alqami was an able administrator and far-sighted statesman. Shi'ite historians have mentioned him as a pious and distinguished person. Ibn Alqami was a well-known scholar of his period. He was a good poet and master in Arabic prose. He was also expert calligraphist and always encouraged the scholars. He maintained a library which contained ten thousand precious and exquisite books. He developed close friendship and company with Ibn Ta'oos, the outstanding Shi'ite scholar. During the episode of Baghdad when Ibn Abil Hadeed, the famous exegetist of Nahjul Balagha and his brother Muwaffaq al-Din were imprisoned by the Mongols and there was possibility of their decimation Ibn Alqami with great difficulty saved their lives.

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