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Ibn Maisam Bahrani

Kamal al-Din Maisum bin Ali bin Maisum Bahrani, the famous Shi'ite traditionist, jurist and theologian of the thirteenth century A.D./ seventh century Hijrah was nicknamed Muffed al-Din. He was the contemporary of Khaja Naseeruddin Tousi and it is mentioned that Khaja Naseeruddin Tousi studied jurisprudence under him and Ibn Maisum in theology was the student of Khaja Naseeruddin Tousi. Ibn Maisum was well-known and outstanding theologian and even his commentary on the Nahjul Balagha is based on theological and philosophical methods.
Ibn Maisum was the most distinguished personality of his period and praised as the philosopher, researcher and expert jurist, erudite traditionist and theologian. Tarihi considers his depth in jurisprudence equal to Khaja Naseeruddin Tousi's knowledge in theology.
About thirty books have been ascribed to him. His printed works are as follows:
1 - Misbah as-Salikin (The grand commentary of Nahjul Balagha).
2 - Ikhtiyar Misbah as-Salikin (The summary of the grand commentary of Nahjul Balagha)
3 - Sharh al-Ma'iat kalima-tal Nahjul Balagha.
4 - Quwaid al-Maram fi Ilm al-Kalam or Al-Qawaid al-Ilahiyeh fi al-Kalam wal Hikmah.

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