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Muhaqqiq Karaki

Shaikh Ali b. Abd al Aali Karaki is better known as Muhaqqiq Karaki or even Muhaqqiq Thani (i.e. Muhaqqiq the second) was originally from Jabal Amel, south Lebanon. He completed his studies in Sham and Iraq, before coming to Iran during the reign of Shah Tahmasp, the first. Then an unprecedented thing happened. The Shah bestowed the title of "Shaikh-ul-Islam" upon Muhaqqiq Karaki, granting him an instrument of total authority over the affairs of the state, and appointing himself as the Muhaqqiq's representative ruler! After Muhaqqiq Karaki, this seat was occupied by his student Shaikh Ali Minshar, the fatherinlaw of Shaikh Bahai, the latter occupying it after the Shaikh's death.
Upon his arrival in Iran, he established a great Hawza in Qazwain and later in Isfehan, training several students of repute, with the result that Iran once again became centre of Fiqh years after Sadooqain. He studied under the distinguished tutelage of Ali b. Hilal Jazaeri, who had studied from Ibn. Fahd Hilli. And as we know Ibn Fahd was a student of the students of Shaheed Awwal. This way, Muhaqqiq Karaki is linked with Shaheed through two generations.
Among his own famous works on Fiqh are "Jamiul Maqasid" which, in fact, is a commentary on Qawaid by Allama Hilli. He also wrote marginal elucidations and notes on the books of Fiqh by Muhaqqiq Hilli and ShaheedeAwwal. His son, Shaikh Abd al-Aali was also a great Faqih. Muhaqqiq Karaki died in 940 AH.

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