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Qadhi Abd al-Aziz and Hamza b. Abd al-Aziz Daylami

Qadhi Abd al-Aziz
He is better known as Ibn alBarraj, was a student of both Seyyid Murtadha and Shaikh Tusi. He was sent to Syria by Shaikh Tusi, where he served in Tripoli (in present day Lebanon) as a Qadhi for 20 years. Among the famous books he wrote on Fiqh the most noteworthy are 'Muhaddhab' and 'Jawahir'. He died in 481 AH.

Hamza b. Abd al-Aziz Daylami
He is otherwise known as Salar Daylami died on Saturday, 6th of Holy Ramadhan, 463 AH. He is the student of Shaikh Mufeed and Seyyid Murtadha. He came from Iran, and passed his last days in Khurasan, where he was buried. He is a contemporary of Shaikh Tusi, though Muhaqqiq Hilli has classified him among the followers of Shaikh Tusi. His famous work on Fiqh is "Marasim " .

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