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Seyyid Abu al-Makarim Ibn Zehra

He was from Aleppo, and he died in 585 AH. In the faculty of Hadith, he narrates with only one link between him and Shaikh Abu Ali, the son of Shaikh Tusi, and in Fiqh, he had a chain of tutors ending up with Shaikh Tusi. His famous work in Fiqh is "Ghunyah".
The author of Mustadrak al-Wasael says that Ibn Zehra studied alNihayah of Tusi from Ibn al-Hajib Halabi who studied it from Abdullah Zainulbadi in Najaf, and he had studied it from Shaikh Rasheed al-Deen Ali b. Zeerak Qummi and Seyyid Abu Hashim Husayni, both being students of Shaikh Abd al-Jabbar Razi, a well known student of Shaikh Tusi. Thus we see that Ibn Zehra is connected with Shaikh Tusi by four intervening generations.
In the terminology of Fuqaha, whenever a reference is made to 'Halabiyyan', they mean Abu al-Salah Halabi and Ibn Zehra. And if the reference is made in plural, that is, 'Halabiyyun', then Ibn al-Barraj is included.

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