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Allamah Hilli

Hasan b. Yusuf b. Ali b. Mutahhar Hilli is renowned as Allama Hilli was a prodigy. He was born in 648 Hijra, and died in 726 AH. He remained under the tutelage of his maternal uncle Muhaqqiq Hilli for Fiqh, and then proceeded to study from other masters of his era, including Khwaja Naseer alDin Tusi who taught him Philosophy and Logic. Later, he sat with the Sunni Scholars to study their Fiqh.
His works include several memorable books and treatises on Fiqh, Usool, Theology (i.e. Kalam), Logic, Philosophy and Rijal. We know of at least hundred books written by him, some of which are still in the form of manuscripts. Each book of this great Faqih is enough to portray his precocity and genius. Among the noteworthy books on Fiqh are Irshad, Qawaid, Tahreer, Tadhkiratul Fuqaha and Tabsirat al-Mutallimeen, the last being studied by the students of Hawza till today. Later Fuqaha wrote extensive commentaries on Allama's works.

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