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The Famous Shia Ulama of the Eleventh Century Hijrah

Mulla Muhammad Baqir Sabzwari
He was a man of many sided talents. Since he remained attached to the college of Isfahan which was renowned for both Fiqh and philosophy, he became a master of rational as well as traditional sciences. He has two famous works on Fiqh, namely, 'Dhakheerah' and 'Kifayah', and is frequently mentioned by the contemporaries as well as later day Fuqaha. In philosophy) he wrote a comprehensive commentary of Abu Ali Sina's Shifa on Ilahiyat (i.e. Divinities or Theology).
Mulla Sabzwari, also known as Muhaqqiq Sabzwari, was taught by Shaikh Bahai and Mulla Mohamed Taqi Majlisi (the first Majlisi). He died in 1090 AH.

Aqa Husain Khwansari
He is also known as Muhaqqiq Khwansari, lived in the times of famous traditionists like Mulla Muhsin Faidh KASHANI, and Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi (the second). He was married to the sister of Muhaqqiq Sabzwari. Both of them shared common propensities, and therefore turned out to be brilliant masters of rational and traditional sciences.
Muhaqqiq Khwansari wrote 'Mashariq al-Shumoos' in Fiqh. In fact, it is a splendid elucidation of 'Duroos' by Shaheed-e-Awaal. He died in 1098 AH.

Jamal al-Muhaqqiqeen
He is better known as Jamal Khwansari was Muhaqqiq Khwansari's son, equally proficient in rational as well as traditional sciences. His work in Fiqh is the famous margin of elucidatory notes on Sharh Lumah. He has so many students of distinction to his credit, like Seyyid Ibrahim Qazwaini and others. The famous Seyyid Mahdi Bahr al-Uloom is linked to him through two generations of teachers.

Shaikh Bahauddin Isfahani
He is famous as 'Fadhil indi' was a Faqih of the first rank, whose opinions are valued even today. He wrote a commentary on Allama Hilli's "Qawaid", the book is called "Kashf al-Litham". He died in 1137 AH. during the days of Afghan rebellion

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