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Allamah Shaikh Muhammad Hasan Najafi 'Sahib-e-Jawahir'.

He is the author of an encyclopedic work on Fiqh, famous as "Jawahir al-Kalam", was born in 1202 AH. He is of Arab descent. This great work has become monumental; the author spent thirty years of his prime life for its completion. The last edition printed in Iran ran into fifty volumes, each volume consisting of about 400 pages. The work is an indispensable companion of every Faqih worth any name, since each line in it requires profound pondering and elucidation. One could say that Shaikh Muhammad Hasan Najafi was an ideal example of devotion and dedication. He died in 1266 AH., having commenced the extra ordinary work at the age of 25.
Shaikh was a student of Shaikh Ja'far Kashiful Ghita, as well as of Seyyid Jawad, the author of 'Miftah al-Karamah'. In his time, he was a sole Marja, having established a great Hawza of his own in Najaf. He is referred to as 'Sahib-e-Jawahir'.

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