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Allamah Seyyid Najmul Hasan

He was popularly known as Najmul Millat. He was the son of Seyyid Akbar Husain of Amroha. Seyyid was born on 6th Dhul Hijja 1279 (25th May 1863). He was a favorite disciple and son-in-law of Mufti Muhammad Abbas.
He studied all the higher faculties, including Fiqh and Usool in India, under the tutelage of Abul Hasan Abbu Sahib and Mufti Muhammad Abbas. Himself a Faqih of the first rank, he trained several Ulama like Seyyid Sibte Hasan, Seyyid Adeel Akhtar and Hafiz Kitayat Husain.
He will ever be remembered for his services to the Shias of Tibet, Burma, Africa, and countries in the West, rendered through the missionaries trained in his Madrassah Nazmiah, Lucknow.
He died on 17th Safar 1351 AH (18th April 1938).

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