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Akhund Mulla Muhammad Kadhim Khurasani

He was born in Tus in 1255 AH., in a family not known for any contribution to FIQH. At the age of 22, he came to Tehran for a brief study in Philosophy and then traveled to Najaf where he had an opportunity of joining the lessons of Shaikh Ansari for two years.
Thereafter, he studied under the tutelage of Mirza Shirazi Bururg.
When his master, Mirza Shirazi left for Samarra, Akhund Khurasani decided to stay behind in Najaf. Here he started his own Hawza. Because of his effective style of teaching he attracted many students. It is reported that at one given time, he taught nearly 1200 students, out of whom nearly 200 were of the rank of Ijtihad.
Great Fuqaha of our time, like Seyyid Abul Hasan Isfehani, Haji Shaikh Muhammad Hasan Isfehani, Haji Seyyid Husain Burujardi, Seyyid Husain Qummi, Aqa Zia al-Din Iraqi were all his students. The Hawza of Akhund is distinguished for its extensive and analytic treatment of Usul Fiqh. His great work 'Kifayah' is studied even today with utmost care. It is a work which has necessitated writing elucidatory footnotes and commentaries. Many Ulama of repute have attended to this need, and nearly 120 commentaries exist to explain what Akhund had to say.
Akhund Khurasani gave a fatwa in favour of Constitutional Movement in Iran which was adopted in the state constitution of Iran. Akhund died in 1329 AH.

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