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Let Us All Salute the Last Messenger of Peace and Love – Muhammad (S.A.W.)

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hashimi, Chairman
Ihsan Muslim Heritage Society
138 Yorkland Street, Unit 173
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1J1, Canada

Thanks go to the organizing committee of the International Conference on Holy Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his descendents) for inviting me to participate with a literal poetry contribution. Such international conferences are the best response to the enemies of Islam who attempt to provoke the Muslims in various ways.
Personality assassination is one devilish method which is normally used against living human beings. Because Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), like all those who were martyred for the sake of the Truth, is alive among the Muslims, the infamous Danish Cartoonists published their injurious cartoons when they depicted our beloved prophet in a negative portrayal.
The Western nations might be more advanced than the Islamic East technologically, economically, and militarily, but they are backward in the field of human literacy. The Book of Allah which was revealed to the honourable heart of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) will eventually rescue these societies from the depth of the darkness they live in presently. The verse of Kursi, in the Holy Quran, is an eternal, tested remedy for such societal ailment.
This present one-century-old Western hegemony against the world of Islam will soon come to an end. It started by an ex-British PM's assault against the Muslims, by removing the Holy Quran from their midst in order to weaken them. Christian missionaries to the Muslim world have always been tools in the hands of the colonialists. One century ago, such missionaries were instructed not to attack the person of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), to avoid any repercussion. At that time, the West was about to swallow the inheritance of the ill man – the last Muslim Othman Emperor. Unfortunately, the Present Pope broke even this "diplomatic" norm in dealing with the World of Islam. He plainly revealed his inferiority before the Mount of Holy Prophet Muhammad's (S.A.W.) personality when he peevishly attacked him, by quoting part of a conversation between a medieval Christian Emperor and an unidentified Persian merchant. His source of information is very similar to the one relied on by many present-day media reporters when they quote "unidentified" authorities, just to "authenticate" their articles. Are there any reasoning, rationality, or objectivity in this for his direct Western academic audience?
Enlightened people know well who controls the media in America and the Western world. Three decades ago, with the emergence of the first signs of a disintegrating Communist Bloc, the world has moved towards a one-polar system with the U.S. declaring itself as a global policeman. Then the American Rapid Deployment Forces were formed to deal with emergencies such as the one which occurred in Iran, when the late Ayatollah was empty-handedly able to topple the most powerful Western-backed ruler in the Muslim world. The then President Jimmy Carter's description of Iran as an island of stability could not eject that country out of the Muslim orbit. History will attest that the three Persian Gulf Wars the U.S. waged in the region after the demise of the USSR was not only for oil, but also for boasting the military superiority of the illegal Zionist entity in occupied Palestine. In this light, one can understand the Zionist-Christian collaboration against Islam and the emergence of the Zionist Christians, or better known neoconservatives in the American political arena. By controlling America in order to control the world, a special interest group (see APIAC) has mobilized all of its powers in this existential "Clash of Civilization." Even Jimmy Carter was not saved from its vicious attack after publishing his recent provocative book: Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. The ex-Congressman Paul Findley’s dismissal from the political arena is very much related to the plots of this invisible, influential government.
By now, any educated American knows that the U.S. can not win a war by attacking the cradle of civilization - Iraq. Probably, Allah has destined to sink George W. Bush's heavy military machinery in the soft sand of Arabia the same way He sank the Pharaoh’s innumerable troops in the Red sea. The Almighty does not need to make an example for the result of Bush's tyranny, because He already made one for the Pharaoh’s some 2500 years ago. In a few days, the Christian World will celebrate the 2007th Anniversary for the birth of another king of peace - Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary (A.S.). Hopefully, the American people will be able to stop the present emperor (and Crusader) for any more war mongering - especially after sacking Rumsfeld. Profiling Prophet Jesus’ universal message, Muhammad (S.A.W.) invited the entire humanity towards living (co-existing) in tranquility, harmony, and peace. Of course for stopping the progress of the mischievous in land, he kept the option of using force in self defence open on the table. Even a caged bird will use its beak to defend itself when a mischievous child attempts to annoy it. Those who have difficulty in understanding the defensive Jihad should know well that the Muslims will never seek a fatwa, when they are constantly assaulted in their besieged countries. Resisting illegal occupations is a natural instinct in all human beings. Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has shaped the Muslims conduct at peace and war. He instructed his companions to embark on a major Jihad (at peace) right after participating in a minor one, when they fought against the thuggish pagan Arabs in the battle of Ohud.
In brief, the Creator has sent Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) as a mercy for mankind. Highlighting his statue in the minds of those who believe in his message, Allah and His angles constantly salute him; and, He ordered the believers to do the same and come to him in total submission. His message has spread in the world by peaceful means because it is about nothing but peace. It suffices as a historic evidence to cite the spread of Islam in what is presently most populous Muslim country - Indonesia. Muslim merchants from India, Persia, and Arabian Peninsula quietly conducted their trades with the inhabitants of the Far East. For being morally upright, they lead by example and invited those non-Muslim, indigenous inhabitants of that land to Islam. No sword was used. No single drop of blood was shed. No 911 Conspiracy or its like was forged. Period. Projecting this scenario on the contemporary political reality, all Arab and Muslim countries need the Western Technology for their survival. The West (and for that reason the rest of the world) obviously needs their oil to run the wheels of its industry. There should be an end to the US dollar hegemony on the oil market, for the benefit of all sides. Just look at the recent soaring price of the oil and the declining value of the (Petro)dollar. Trading on equitable, fair basis is the best course. It is more cost effective than war. This is exactly what the young Muhammad (S.A.W.) did when he joined his uncle's caravan to (the then Christian) Syria and later partnered with a rich Arabian business lady - Khadijah bint Khowailid. Before discovering the Silk Road, he advised his followers to seek knowledge even if it was in China! Further stressing the importance of knowledge, he stated "the pen's ink of the scholars is more honourable than the blood of the martyrs,"
Join me to salute the organizing committee of this coming conference on Holy Prophet Muhammad for their excellent endeavour in (re)introducing this last King of Peace to the rest of mankind via prose and poetry. While this Prophet lives in the hearts of at least one fifth of the world's population, the entire humanity has a lot more to learn from him. The Creator has shaped him as a perfect model for others to emulate. How distant mankind is from the coast of the ocean of attributes of this Praise-Worthy, perfect model about whom Moses, Jesus, and many other pious Saints prophesized? Carrying his name, one of his descendents will be the true Messiah who will rid the wronged humanity from tyranny and injustice just before the time ends. It is the Creator’s (Who is beyond the time and its limitation) plan to save the Saviour the same way He took Jesus in His custody. Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.) migration to Madinah, fleeing the persecution in Makkah, is a proof for his non-violent approach in spreading his message. Leave alone, the pardon he gave to his arch enemies when he became victorious at the end.

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