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Jame’at al-Quran al-Karim Institute, Qum

Jame’at Al-Quran Al-karim institute was founded in Qum in Khordad, 1377 (June, 1998 A.D.) simultaneous with Qurban Eid (Feast of sacrifices) as a cultural-educational institution. The aim of this institute is to advance the culture of Quran and make a deep and permanent connection between the youth and Quran as well as to secure their hearts and souls against any kind of cultural dangers and plagues. This institute started its Quranic activities in the beginning of the academic year 1377 – 78 (1998 – 99) by admitting and selecting 120 individuals from among hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers.
The honorable founder and manager of this institution Hojat Al-eslam Val-moslemin Haj Sayyid Mohammad Mahdi Tabatabaie – with acquiring a prosperous experience at memorizing and reading Quran during prolonged years – started this illuminating movement with collective action of some memorizers (who know Quran by heart) and reciters [Qaariaan] and instructors of Quran as well as some charity founders, by the grace of God and with the expectation of Imam-e-zaman (12th Imam)’s special patronage. The great role of excellent and brilliant reputation of his respectful son Sayyid Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaie (‘Alam Al-hoda) in acceptability of this institution is noticeable; by the grace of God and the praiseworthy stability and efforts of his dear parents, he as the most juvenile Memorizer [Haafez] of the whole Quran with special Quranic expert knowledge could shine at various meetings throughout the country as well as abroad and receive some titles and documents from personalities of seminaries and universities in and out of the country.
During last five years, there have been so many demands – within the country or abroad – to found a branch of the institution and on the basis of existing facilities until now there have been established in about 160 points of various cities such as Isfahan, Ahwaz, Tehran, Sari, Semnan, Rasht, Shiraz, Yasuj, Zanjan, Qazwin, Kerman, Mashhad, Shahr-e-Kord, Hamadan, Yazd, Bushehr, Zahedan, and…
 To advance holy Quranic aims and also in order to train present and future generation, this institution with regular and permanent educational, administrative and financial programs has provided several educational courses for different age sections as children, teenagers, juveniles and adults. The particular attitude of Jame’at Al-Quran’s activities is learning Quran by heart and its general direction is making efforts for the children all around the country.
 In order to get more familiar with different units of Jame’at Al-Quran, there is a short account of the activities and record card of this institution through last years.
Website: http://www.jameatulquran.com

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