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Abu Zar Repels Greed

Uthman gave two hundred gold coins to his servants and told them to take them to Abu Zar and say, “Uthman has sent you his salām with a request to accept these coins. You can use them for your needs.”
When the servants brought the gold coins to Abu Zar and conveyed Uthman’s message he asked, “Has Uthman given a similar amount to every Muslim?”
“‘No”, they replied
“Then am I superior to all the Muslims to be given these?”
The servants told him, Uthman has said that, “these gold coins are from his personal property and by Allah (S.w.T.) they are Halāl.”
“I do not need them because I am needless,” said Abu Zar.
“But we don’t see anything in your house, that shows you are needless?”
Abu Zar pointed towards a utensil and said, “There are two pieces of barley bread in it and hence I am needless.”
In another narration of the same type, Muawiya sent two of his slaves with some money for Abu Zar and when Abu Zar refused to accept them, the slaves said, “O Abu Zar! Muawiya had promised to free us if you accept the money. Please accept it for our sake.”
Abu Zar said, “If I take them you would be free from Muawiya’s slavery but I will become his slave, because then I will be forced to obey him.” (It would be the same as selling my religion for material wealth).

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