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Prophet Musa’s (a.s.) Request

Prophet Musa (a.s.) once requested to God: “O’ Lord! It is my wish to see that creature of Yours who has purified himself for your worship and who is unpolluted in his obedience towards You.”
He was addressed, “O’ Musa! Go near the shores of such-and-such sea in order that I may show you what you desire to see.”
Prophet Musa proceeded till he reached near the sea. Looking around, he observed that on a branch of a tree that drooped over the water, sat a bird, engrossed in the dhikr of Allah. When Musa questioned the bird about itself, the bird said: “From the time Allah has created me, I have been on this branch, engaged in His worship and dhikr. From every dhikr of mine, there branch out a thousand other dhikr, and the pleasure which I derive from the dhikr of Allah, provides me with nourishment.”
“Do you crave anything from this world?” asked Musa (a.s.).
“Yes. I yearn to taste one drop of water from this sea,” replied the bird.
Musa (a.s.) exclaimed, “But there does not exist a great distance between your beak and the water! Why don’t you dip your beak into it and drink it?”
The bird answered, “Out of fear lest the enjoyment derived from the water should make me heedless of the pleasure of the dhikr of my Lord.”
Hearing this, Prophet Musa (a.s.) clasped his head in intense astonishment. (Khazinah al-Jawaahir, pg. 318)

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