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The Virtue of Generosity

Generosity is a virtue and niggardliness is a bad quality which brings degradation, destroys dignity and honour and deprives the needy of their due rights.
1. Allah the Most High said: “And let not those deem, who are niggardly in giving away that which Allah has granted them out of His grace, that it is good for them; nay, it is worse for them.”
2. He also said; “Behold! you are those who are called upon to spend in Allah's way, but among you are those who are niggardly, and whoever is niggardly is niggardly against his soul; and Allah is Self-sufficient and you have need (of him).”
3. He also said: “Surely Allah does not love him who is proud, boastful. Those who are niggardly and bid people to be niggardly and hide what Allah has given them of His grace; and We have prepared for the unbelievers a disgraceful chastisement.”
4. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) said: “Beware of being niggardly; because it has always been the main cause of destruction for those who were before you. This vice ordered them to tell lies, and they obeyed; it ordered them to oppress others, and they obeyed; and it ordered them to ignore family ties, and they obeyed.”
5. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) said: “A believer can not be cowardly, covetous or niggardly.”
6. Imam Ali al-Rida (a.s.) said: “The generous are near to Allah, near to people, and near to paradise. The niggardly are far from Allah, far from people, and far from paradise.”

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