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Do Dieting as well as Strengthen your Soul

In the Name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful
1-Take only light meals at fixed times and strictly avoid eating other than the specified times except light tea without milk or water from earthen pot.Specified proper daily meal timings are 8 am,2 pm and 8pm.
2-Perform Wajib(17 Rakats) and Mustahab Namaz(34 Rakat Nawafil Namaz).This gives immense strength to body and soul as wll as increases the resistance power to hinder us from over eating and it also stops the tendency towards depression which makes the human life lazy,slow and ugly.It is proved that Namaz provide more oxygen to our body,burns extra accumulated fats and calories and provides extra strength and many more material,worldly and spiritual benefits.
3- A person have to feel atleast once a day the pang of hunger.At this moment resist eating food.Power and strength comes only after resisting pain and without pain there is no gain. Eat only at the specified proper daily meal timings that are 8 am,2 pm and 8pm.
4- Every week check your body weight with proper weighing machine.
5-For meals also prefer little fruit along with toast or piece of bread equal to the weight of the toast. Avoid eating fatty foods.
6-Have meals in small deep bowls.Aavoid eating in big falt plates.
7-Leave consuming all kinds of sweets,cold drinks and ice creams.To satiate the desire for sweets eat only some dates(khajoor),kishmish,badam and dry figs(anjeer). Strictly avoid eating all the bakery items. Dentists also insist that the sweets,cold drinks and ice creams are injurious to teeth health.
8-If you have consumed extra calories to relish your favourite food then stand to pray Namaz as Namaz gives peace and comfort to your heart and soul and it also burns the extra calories too.
9- When you are tempted to eat at odd hours by looking at the colourful snacks and food items, say Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem and thank Allah that you are leaving this food in the love of Allah.Surely Allah will strengthen your determination.
10- Only eat the meals at the prescribed timings and strictly avoid eating the snacks which are a taboo for your weight.
11-Allah helps those who give their every moment to God.The love and aim towards Allah gives satisfaction, peace, happiness and comfort.
12- The above tips are not the end but are a humble beginning towards self and soul building for the peace and happiness for one and all. If possible perform fasting twice a week.But fasting is Wajib in the holy month of Ramazan. Fasting regulates our desire for food and keeps us healthy and gives spiritual bliss and happiness.

Compiled by:
Fatima Zabeth Parveen
Hyderabad, India


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