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Deliverence from our desires and greed

Translated by Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
The greed and desires, in today’s life style is inculcated in us every day and every hour by Satan and his followers which are media and the manner of education are the tool of the satan rajim.
What is the difference between Kufr and shirk?
Those who bring partner or partners to God are mushrik and those who follow the Satan are kafir. If we follow one God and adopt the pattern which is inculcated to us by satan so in that case we get kafir being a monotheist. Shirk is evident but kufr is not evident. It is like a black ant moving up and up on the black mountain in the darkness of the night and building its nest there.
Until our last breath Satan never leave us alone and every moment he watches us. He does not come in the form of the evils but he knows how to enter in the attire of good deeds. Like we come across the people who do not pray the namaz and do not perform vajibat of religion but they think by performing mustahabbat only they are sure that they will enter the heaven.
Here in this world we must be very careful like the soldiers who can be attacked anytime by their enemies. Until our last breath we must be careful and must not get certain that now the Satan cannot divert us from the right path. He knows very well how to play the tricks with us and in many ways he misguides us. Even for a single moment we are not safe with his clever intentions. We must be very careful of this microbe Satan who any time can leave his effects in us and create some disease in our heart and later we cannot abandon the materialistic life. We are also tested through this tube of materialism.
We have to pay khums, zakat and perform the hajj. If we earn and safe money then we must go for hajj, render the zakat, khums and help a helpless person.

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