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Few Useful Suggestions

By Fatima Zabeth Beenesh
1-Beside namaz and Quran the first thing that we must not ignore is wasting of time and must not be extravagant in our life. Today’s doctors say exercise for physical health and the best exercise is namaaz. Pray more namaaz as it is also spiritual exercise.
2-We must always turn back and see who is left back, do they need help and for our own problems God is always there who is always caring and helping.
An Indian poet wrote such beautifully about Gods care in Farsi.
3-(translation of farsi verses) Our anxiousness in our matters is a torture for us. God is there to care for us.Lesson from the life of Imaam Ali a.s is that it teaches us that a handful of ajeel mushkil like channa, raisins and peanuts can fill a human’s stomach and make God happy.
4-Time is precious so do not let a single second to go waste from your hands and always utilize the time,
enjoy every moment every blessing from nature which is provided for you by God. Always watch beauty of nature and appreciate it which God has provided for you, leave aside ugliness which you come across, for the others. Thinking, gossiping or talking about it.
5-Every day try to decrease one need of life it makes your life light and confident,
be punctual avoid spending much time with ladies in gossip or backbiting and do not follow them. But if you live a pure and a non gossip life they will become your followers because pureness is loved by everyone.
6-Avoid strictly the glitters of the worldly things. Be strictly away from the glitters of the life especially luxurious food and living that is very harmful for health and always keep strong faith. And of course serve the best food and gifts and be a best host to others it has many returns from God.
7- Always watch the ladies then you feel from what pain they are going and always be ready to help them morally and mentally. Just be in touch with them, help with moral support or money but do not pass your time gossiping with them.
8-Keep some punishment for yourself for making mistakes before the God. First and foremost punish yourself by performing more fasting, more namaaz or leaving your favorite dish.
9- Avoid strictly the things which create waywardness and lust in mind like music, watching TV programs and magazines. 99.9 % of them are injurious for our moral and spiritual life. Listen to the meaning of Quran which makes heart alive and not any songs.
10- Be in touch with teacher (Alim or uleme) of Islam that guides you towards right path.
11-Read sure-e-Fatiha everyday for at least one deceased person as they always get the fruit of your blessings in barzakh. Every day pray for people of the world in problems and the sick. If possible try to visit the sick.
12-Every day without fail cry for imam Hussein a.s by remembering the sacrifice which was made by him and his familyto save Islam and Bibi Zaineb a.s to save Hijaab. Shedding tears for imam Hussain wipes all the evils and bad fortunes of life waiting for you. Bring in your daily schedule to read ziarat ashura.

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